Friday, October 3, 2008

Topless Spinning

I bet that spiked your curiousity didn't it?! It's been such an exhausting weekend, and it started off with Grace doing some topless spinning! More on that in a minute. I'll just say up front that this post is probably going to be jumbled because I feel like a writing, but everything is starting to run together!

Is this not the most precious picture of Grace or what?! I love it! I put her hair in pigtails earlier this week and she actually stood still long enough for me to take the picture. She's such a mess. This has not been a very good week as far as sleep goes. Grace is going through a weird phase (I'm hoping that's what it is) and she has not slept a decent night's sleep all week. One night I wasn't able to lay her down until 2 am. I was working and she was home with Gene and the boys. She fell asleep around 8:30 and Gene tried laying her down and she just woke up crying. When I got home from work she was asleep in his lap but as soon as I picked her up she woke up. She ended up not going down and staying down until 2. She was back up by 8 the next morning. I was exhausted. The next night, Thursday, I was able to come home from work early so she was still up. She went to bed ok by 10:30 or so, but woke up about an hour later crying. I went and got her and luckily she went back down pretty quick. Not too bad. Last night was the worst. She went to bed again easily by 10, but woke up at 1:30 and after rocking for a while she woke up the minute I stood up to take her to bed. I gave up and just put her in bed with me. I'm so stinking tired from not getting a decent night's sleep all week.

Like I said, this post is a little jumbled so bear with me! This picture I took yesterday morning when Grace was spinning topless! She cracks me up, because I was sitting at the kitchen table on the computer and had the radio on. Grace was dancing in the living room. I look over at her and she's halfway out of her shirt! She finally gets it off and continues spinning. I just left it off of her for a while and then finally after chasing her around for about 10 minutes I was able to get it back on her! Hilarious!

Ok, this picture I took yesterday right before we left the house. Cute huh?! My mother-in-law got Grace the jacket and it is so adorable on her. Grace and I both got our hair cut yesterday so her's is finally out of her eyes! She looks so cute. After the hair cuts we ran and got lunch and headed to the pd to help set up for the Rummage Sale. Teresa and I worked on it for 4 1/2 hours on Thursday night. We had so much stuff donated it was ubelievable and a huge blessing! We started at 6 this morning and didn't leave until 4 this afternoon. We worked in shifts, and I got there at 10 this morning and was there all afternoon. It was tiring, but we made a lot of money so it was worth it. It was definitely a success!

Grace and I were up at the pd from 1 to 4 yesterday and when we left there we stopped by Neighborhood Market to get stuff for dinner. I made chicken spaghetti and it was delicious!! As you can see Grace enjoyed it also. She was a MESS by the time she got done. We took her straight from the high chair to the bath.

This picture was taken last night after Grace's bath. She LOVES to get up and play the piano, especially when Colt's up there. I tried to get one with them together, but by the time I got my camera she was already down. She had a major boo boo last night. She was wearing her gown so I put some socks on her. They don't work well on the hardwood floors and I should have known better than to put them on her. Well, she slipped coming around the island in the kitchen and busted her lip open. It was not good. It bled really bad and scared her really bad. It broke her Mama's heart that I couldn't make it quit hurting. She was fine after Gene put some ice on it. I was afraid today it would be really swollen but it's not real bad. It doesn't even seem to phase her either.
Today was a long day, but now I'm sitting on the couch watching a movie because we moved the smaller tv from upstairs down here until we get the big tv fixed. Gene is now on his way home from working some overtime on drug interdiction, the boys are both in bed, and Grace is staying with her Nana and Papa so I can catch up on some much needed sleep!
I'm off work tomorrow, and a few of us are going to see Nights in Rodanthe! I'm really excited about it, and then I need to do some housecleaning. Yuck! Gene just pulled in so I'm going to heat him up some chicken spaghetti.
Have a good night!