Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Heart Spring!

A post of mostly pictures to re-cap our spring so far!!
Corey snapping pictures of me trying to get ready for church Easter morning.....

Two of my favorite people! There are many, many pictures of Corey and Grace like this because Corey is always snapping them!

Momma and Grace at Granny's house on Easter Sunday!

Tanner entertaining with his guitar and Corey looks like he's about to pass out! We went down to Granny's after church on Easter to have lunch and dye/hunt eggs.

Grace discovering the money Granny put in her eggs!

Grace and Nana dyeing eggs!

Uncle T hid her eggs for her about 4 or 5 times and she had a blast hunting them all!

Grace decided she could play too.....

These next few were taken at Granny's on the Thursday that Megan and Aunt Cathy were here. They bought her a big tube of bubbles and she would have stayed out all day playing with them!

Megan's face cracks me up! ha! She had just been diagnosed with strep throat that morning, so she wasn't feeling 100%!
They also bought her a mini golf set so she was getting some private lessons from her Aunt Cathy! No...we did not watch the Masters that day.

Betty and Vicki on the front row, then Jana, myself and Teresa on the back row. We are the ladies on the Benevolent Fund Committee at work and last Wednesday was our annual Awards Banquet, and the committee does the planning and decorating for it. All of these women have a very special place in my heart, and we have been on the committee together for the last two years!

Me and Teresa! I was honored to be voted Dispatcher of the Year this year, and Teresa (my supervisor) was the one who presented me with it so that made it that much more special! She was my first trainer five years ago, and took me under her wing and I love her dearly!

And here's Boo agan! Last week after gymnastics we went with Daddy to get some more plants to put in the garden.

And tis the season again for jumping on the trampoline! This girl LOVES LOVES LOVES to be outside...no matter what she's doing!

And last picture is of Gene's garden this year! Last year was really the first one he'd done so we learned alot. He did it alot differently this time and so far it's looking great! We have squash, bell peppers, radishes, tomatoes, jalapenos and I'm pretty sure there are others that I just can't remember right now! We're excited for it to start growing so we can enjoy some fresh veggies. The little pink bucket on the bottom right corner of it is Grace's daisy bucket. I saw it while we were at Lowe's and thought it was precious so we bought it for her to grow her own daisies!
That about catches up on what's been happening around here lately! Saturday I'm running in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and it's also Colt's prom so I'll be going in a little late to work so I can be here to take pictures and see him and his date all dressed up in their dress and tux!! Hope everybody has a great end to the week!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fun Girls' Weekend!

Hmmm...well, it's only taken me a week to get this post up, but I guess that's par for the course for me and the blogworld lately!

My Aunt Cathy and cousin Megan were in Alma the week before this last one from Atlanta for their spring break. We usually only get to see them 2-3 times a year so we always try and do something special while they're here!

On Thursday Grace and I drove down to Granny's after gymnastics to spend some time with them, and then Friday morning Granny, Aunt Cathy and Megan drove up to Mom and Dad's and we all left for Branson for the night!! As soon as we got into town we headed for the Branson Landing to do some shopping!

We had a nice lady walk by us while we were taking pictures and offered to take one of all of us, and we all thought it turned out good! Grace LOVES her Aunt Cathy and Megan and literally the whole time we were together Grace was attached to one of them.

See?! We ate lunch at Macaroni Grill down on the Landing for lunch and it was delish! Eating is always one of the best parts!!

Three generations of ladies! Granny, Mom and me! We don't get pictures like this very often because normally Mom and I are the ones snapping and never end up in any. I made it a point to get some good ones this time!

And of course have to get Grace into one for a four generations picture!! So blessed to have such wonderful family!

Yes, that is a jacuzzi tub we are sitting in. I can explain! When we were little, Granny and Papa had a membership to the Lodge of the Ozarks and literally about once a month (especially/mainly during the summer months) they would take all four of us grandkids to Branson to stay. They have an indoor pool and it sits right on Hwy 76 which is "the strip" in Branson so we could walk to several places. After they drug us out of the pool we would all get into the jacuzzi tub and "swim" for a while longer! It's one of the best memories I have from my childhood and last weekend was the first time we'd stayed at the Lodge in many, many years so it was extra special for Megan and I!!!

Here's Grace sporting her new swimsuit Aunt Cathy bought her! She loved the indoor pool as much as we did as kids! I loved sharing it with her!

For dinner we ate at Cantina Laredo, also down at the Landing, and it was YUMMY!! Oh my word, their food was so good! Grace was absolutely worn out from our busy day and she kept laying her head on Mom's shoulder.

Aunt Cathy, Mom and Grace waiting for our food to get there. Mom and Grace were coordinating and it wasn't even on purpose!

And another group shot at dinner! When we woke up Saturday morning we found out that Aunt Cathy and Megan's flight had been delayed from 2 in the afternoon to 5:30 so we ended up having the whole day Saturday with them too! We did some more shopping and had some ice cream at Maggie Moo's before dropping them off at the airport! I cherish the times I get to spend with these amazing women, and love the times we have together!! I'm so glad we had the opportunity to get away with them and enjoy each other's company.