Friday, May 29, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Kids' Rooms

Well, it's that time of the week again!! Time for Kelly's Tour of Homes! So many people participate over at Kelly's Korner that it's hard to make it to everyone's homes! This week is nurseries/kids' rooms so....

Here's Colt's room standing out in the hallway. Both boys have full size beds and of course he's got his piano in there!
Another view..more of the piano and the side of the dresser.

Gene built the desktop that is attached to the wall in both Colt and Corey's rooms and he also put up the corkboard in all 3 kids' rooms so they can hang up whatever they want and not put a bunch of holes in the walls. His closet is on the far right side of the picture. He's got random cd jackets, a Twilight poster, and some pictures of friends on his corkboard!

Front of the dresser. We found his dresser and night stand at an antique store over in Elkins and it was brand new but at a discounted price! Can't beat that! His bedroom walls are a cream color.

Corey's room from standing in the hallway. The second huge bean bag chair that was in the upstairs living room pre-home gym is now in Corey's room and he uses it as his computer "chair!" As you can tell he is a huge Spongebob fan. Always has been. Probably always will be.

Corey's desk and corkboard. He's got a picture of Spongebob (of course), some pictures that friends at school drew him, and a picture of him and Grace on his corkboard!

His walls are kind of a brown/gray and it's really pretty. We let the boys pick what color they wanted to paint their rooms.

His nightstand that doesn't fit by his bed because of the desk! We also bought Corey's dresser and night stand at the antique store and they are from the 70s. The newspaper that is framed on the wall was actually in one of the drawers of the dresser and we found it after we got it home. The date on it is from the 60s if I'm not mistaken and we thought that was pretty cool and Corey wanted us to frame it so he could hang it up.

His closet and dresser.

Now onto Grace's room. I got these out of order but oh well! This is her little dresser and it, the mirror and her bed were all given to us by one of the sgts at the pd who had a daughter that had outgrown it. It's still in pretty good condition but eventually I would like to get a bigger chest of drawers and a nicer bed. It works for now though! The "G" in the frame was done for me while I was pregnant by one of my friends, Amy, and the colors in it matched her crib bedding! I also have a picture of her on the trampoline in the middle frame and the one on the far right that you can barely see is one of the day she was born and it's an autograph frame so everyone that visited in the hospital signed it! Granny bought her the little ladybug bean bag for her birthday this year!

Here's her closet that I've just sort of re-organized with summer clothes and moving out the winter clothes. I've got two tubs full of stuff right now and clothes laying on top that need to be put away still.

Her pretty curtains that match her bedding with flowers on them! They're so super cute but I really need to get some blinds or something to put under because she seems to wake up at first sunlight because they allow all of it to shine in so it gets bright in there fast! Her dollhouse bookcase that I absolutely fell in love with when I saw it in Target and Mom and Dad bought it for her for her birthday this year. That whole corner is just stacked plum full of stuffed animals. As 90s as it sounds I really want to find a big net to hang in the corner of her room to put one in! They are just so easy and convenient! On her corkboard I have a calendar that Mom made at out of pictures of her and family, the canvas that our friend Leah made for me, and also her birth announcement canvas that Mom had made at Bella's in Springdale!

A shot of her bed! I found the bedding at Target and absolutely love it! It matches her green walls perfectly and is young enough for her toddler years but she won't outgrow it in just 2 years either! Of course Nemo and Frosty have to be up there because she sleeps with them every night! You can see her bedrail is hanging down on the side. It's very convenient because it just snaps up when she goes to bed and then you can put it down during the day.

View from the hallway.

I took this one standing in Colt's doorway and it shows the paint color a little better. I don't remember the name of the green but we got it at Lowe's and I am sill in love with it! It's so fresh and bright and happy! Plus, once again, it's not a baby pink or anything so we can do lots of different stuff with it the older she gets! I've got several things that I want to eventually hang onher walls, but I just haven't done it yet because I really want to wait until we get her new furniture and I have it laid out a little more like I want it! The boys don't have much on theirs either because we don't want a bunch of excess holes in the walls and they haven't found anything they absolutely love and would keep up for a while.
So...that's it! My kids' rooms. I hope you enjoyed and thank you for taking the tour! Now go check out Kelly's Korner and all the other neat rooms!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our Trip to Atlanta

Oh boy. It's taken me 2 days to get this post done! Let me just warn you that there are a TON of pictures too! And it might end up pretty long so if you get bored and decide to go bathe the dog or watch paint dry or something more intriguing then I completely understand, really. Ahem.

Mom, Grace, and I drove to Granny's house Friday evening to stay the night with here so we could get an early start Saturday. We didn't make it to bed until almost 11 and were back up at 4 and on the road by 5! Although with all the excitement I really wasn't that tired. We loaded up the car, picked up Courtney and we were Georgia bound!! It was a 12 hour drive and my little 2 year old did wonderful! I was so very proud of her! I would just like to stop here and say a few thanks....1) thank you Target for having the dual screen portable DVD player at such a wonderful price 2) thank you sweet mother of mine for purchasing said DVD player at the wonderful price 3) thank you Scooby Doo for keeping that DVD player running 4) thank you Courtney for entertaining and feeding my child snacks!!! Moving on.

We stopped for breakfast and lunch and a few breaks in between to stretch, potty, get gas, etc and made it to Atlanta by 5 pm their time. As you can tell Grace was so happy to be able to once again move her legs in a front to back motion. Otherwise known as walking. Or running, whatever the case may be. The Gerens were very happy to see everybody, as they should be! ha! I drove the whole way there because well, I sort of have this thing about being in control and it felt so good to be still and not have to concentrate! Uncle Greg had made some gumbo for dinner and it was delicious...because it was seafoodless!! So, we stuffed ourselves and then we did it again because Aunt Cathy had made a special kind of rice krispie treats, a blueberry crunch, AND some delicious chocolate chip cookies! Oh. My. Word. I was so full I couldn't breathe! It was oh so worth it though.

Grace was completely in awe of J.T. the time and she followed him around everywhere! They bonded and it was so cute to watch him play with her! Of course J.T. was the whole reason for the trip because we went to attend his high school graduation! I can't believe all the grandkids have graduated now!

Sunday morning we got up and went to church and luckily Megan was in the 2 year old room so Grace was with her the whole time and I didn't have to worry about her being in a new place all alone! The service was great and then we all had lunch at a mexican restaurant called La Cazuela and it was yummy. We went back to the house after lunch and changed into comfy clothes. The weather had been yucky all weekend, but we decided that we wanted to check out the outlet mall. So, we all loaded up (except Granny, J.T., and Uncle Greg who stayed home to rest) and headed out. Folks, I discovered a very special kind of heaven that day when we pulled into the North Georgia Outlet Mall. It would have been even better if I hadn't been so broke, but I have the most amazing mother who just so happens to kinda like me...and my kid so we were both pretty much spoiled!! It was great! Love you Mom! Thanks!!!!! Ok. So, we spent a couple of hours wandering around in this newly discovered heaven and once we felt that all the necassary stores had been visited we loaded up to head back. Now, have you ever been driving along and you see dark dark skies above you and then about 10 humongous raindrops land on your windshield and you think to yourself "this can't be good?" Well, that's exactly what happened when we got back onto the interstate after leaving the mall. Holy mother nature. The bottom literally fell out of the sky and it absolutely came a torrential downpour! We were going 20 mph in a 65 mph zone. Whew, there were tons of people pulled over to the side of the road because it was so bad. Not me. I kept trucking, well ok, suv-ing. But you get the picture. It was miserable and it finally decided to let up a bit...once we got off the interstate! It was almost worth it though because after if quit we saw the beautiful rainbow pictured above! At first we only saw this side of it then eventually we were able to see the whole arch and it was amazing. God is quite the artist!

Grace also made good friends with Duke, their schnauzer! He has one ball that he plays with all the time and he and Grace played tug-o-war like crazy. It was the funniest thing to watch them and Uncle Greg was sitting down on the floor and kept telling Grace to growl at Duke and of course she did! Too funny! I have a hilarious video but it's so long that it would take 32 days to upload it on here. That may be an exaggeration. And it may not. I'm not going to find out either way though! It was cute and you'll just have to take my word for it!

Ok, just when we thought that our sweet tooth could not be treated anymore...Aunt Cathy made not only a chocolate chip pie but also a butterfinger cake!! Oh it's a little slice of heaven I tell ya! Megan did help with the pie as Grace looked on! Aunt Cathy was styling in her apron! It actually was super cute because it matched her outfit! No, she did not do that on purpose. I don't think. Hmmm....

Now, I know that you're surprised we ate anything else the whole rest of the time because we'd already had so much but oh no, we didn't let that stop us! We had a Memorial Day lunch Monday afternoon complete with cheese dip and veggie dip for appetizers then grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, and pork tenderloin, and baked beans, homemade mac n cheese, AND potato salad!!! I'm telling you...I spent the week in a southern heaven!

Grace loved the cheese dip in her patriotic get-up!

Way to eat your veggies Meg!

The filling of the plates.

Mmmmmm.....yummy food! We also got to meet, Heidi, J.T.'s friend that is a girl but not his girlfriend. Maybe? I'm not real sure. :) Either way, Grace just loved her and made great friends with her! It was kinda funny though because she kept calling her Katie-girl, which is what we call Tanner's girlfriend! Heidi thought it was funny. Thank goodness!

More food!

We little firecracker! Are those pigtails cute or what?! That's usually the only thing she'll leave alone for any lenght of time. If I try just a ponytail it's down by the time I turn around! Courtney was vegging on the couch after filling her tummy!

Granny relaxing after our big lunch!

We made a trip to Super Target (have I mentioned the word heaven yet?) Monday after our lunch had settled some and Grace got some new prizes. Shocking, I know. One of them was a little etch a sketch from Aunt Cathy so she and Granny were writing! That girl loves her Granny!

J.T.'s graduation was Tuesday night so that day we paid TJ Maxx and Home Goods a visit!! Gene got the goodies that trip! Megan also just completed her first year of teaching and had to work on Tuesday breaking down her room so we stopped by her school to see it and her! Very neat and I'm so proud of her and her accomplishments! I know she's the very best 1st grade teacher!! We got to graduation about an hour and a half early and they didn't even open the doors to let anyone in until 30 minutes after we got there so Uncle Greg took charge of occupying miss thang!! Here they are walking back and forth!

Megan and J.T.'s other grandparents, John and Pat, drove in Monday afternoon to attend the graduation and here they are (at the far end) with Uncle Greg, Aunt Cathy, Granny, and Courtney waiting for it to begin.

And the other end....Mom, Megan, Grace, and myself!

Grace actually did really well all through the ceremony as well and didn't fuss too much! She is a pretty big fan of her cousin Megan!! I'm pretty sure I see some family resemblance!!

And all the seniors walking in!

I know you can't really tell, but that really is J.T. receiving his diploma! Yay!!! There were about 540 some odd seniors in his graduating class and the whole ceremony ran so smoothly and only lasted about an hour and a half!

Afterward we were all outside taking pictures. And by we I mean every person that was inside the arena for the graduation!! It was a big sea of people and it's a wonder we even found J.T.!! Here's the whole Geren family!!!

Grace and the graduate!

Me, Grace, and Mom with J.T.

Granny and her baby grandchild!!

Courtney and J.T.

Megan and J.T.

After all the pictures were taken we headed back to the house for cake and ice cream! He graduated from South Forsyth High School, who's mascot is the war eagle and will be attending Samford University in the fall and their mascot is the bulldog so Aunt Cathy had each school and mascot put on it! It was chocolate and very yummy!!! The graduation didn't start until 7 and we didn't get back to the house till right at about 9. So, after eating, visiting, and packing stuff up, we were finally in bed around 10:45 or so and back up at 4 am to hit the road to head home. We were tired! It was all well worth it though!

We made even better time coming home and I actually sat in the backseat with Grace while Courtney drove for about an hour and a half or so. I was reminded of why I usually drive on trips like that because I was getting so light headed and head swimmy sitting back there. It took me a little bit to get adjusted to just riding and plus I think watching the DVD player was throwing me off a little too. It's a little weird watching it while the car is moving. Grace watched Scooby Doo.....over and over and over again. And slept some. Mom and Granny had also wrapped up several different prizes to give to her when she started getting a little restless or fussy and they worked wonders!! It is such a good idea for toddlers on long road trips! They ranged from crayons and coloring books to a little ball to stuffed animals to lick lip (Grace's word for chapstick)! She didn't sleep quite as much coming home as she did going, but we still couldn't have asked for her to be any better!!

Courtney has a little yorky, Chloe, that we dropped off in Little Rock to stay with Hillary and Josh while were gone and the morning we left Grace was still so sleepy that she wasn't completely aware of the fact that there was a little dog in the car with her! Now Wednesday when we came home and picked up Chloe Grace was fully aware of her presence! It was so funny and usually Chloe only wants Courtney to hold her but she actually sat in Grace's lap for a long time!! It was the sweetest thing because she was just Grace's size and of course she just loved having a dog that would fit in her lap!! That made the last 2 hours to Alma pretty easy as far as Grace is concerned!!
We got Courtney dropped off, then Granny dropped off, then headed on up the mountain (as Papa T used to always say) to Fayetteville where we finally arrived at the Johnson household! Mom helped us get unloaded then she took herself home! We were all worn out and ready for our own beds but the trip was SO SO SO worth it and we had an absolute blast! I'm so glad that it worked out and that my husband allowed Grace and I to leave for so long!!!!! I know you'll read this, so thank you honey!! And thanks again to the Granny and Courtney for letting us tag along and to the Gerens for letting us in!!!!!! We love you guys and can't wait to see you again!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Dining Rooms

Kelly at Kelly's Korner has chosen dining rooms for this week for "Show Us Where You Live Friday" and last week was guest rooms. I've got 4 bedrooms but they're all occupied! We don't really have many guests and if we do they sleep in the kids' rooms! So, I'm back in the game this week with dining rooms.

Ours isn't really anything fancy because we just don't have dinner parties or anything so it's just for us, but it's perfect! This was taken standing in our bedroom looking out.

I took this one standing in front of the front door and the lighting isn't great but I'd been cleaning all day when I took it and wasn't in the mood to mess with it anymore! We have a glass top table and I finally bought a tablecloth last fall to put on it because with little fingers it was always nasty. Not anymore! All I have to do is pull the tablecloth and placemats off and toss them in the washer and they're good to go! The table, lamp, and clock were our Christmas present from Mom and Dad last year and I bought the crosses under the clock and on the other wall to add to it.

I took this one standing by the stairs. Grace stll uses her high chair because 1) she still fits in it and 2) obviously we only have a table big enough for 4 so so I hope to get a bigger table with 6 chairs. Gene keeps saying he's going to build us one but it's not like he has a lot of spare time!
So...there's my dining room! I wasn't sure I'd even be able to do this post because I've been cleaning house and packing all day. All I lack now is very little packing and getting Grace's sheets back on her bed. Mom is coming to get us when she gets out of school and then we're heading to Granny's house. We'll stay there tonight and shoot for being on the road headed to Atlanta by 5 Saturday morning! We are all sooo excited and I'm so glad we've got the opportunity to visit the Geren's!!!