Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mason's Giveaway!!

I entered an awesome giveaway from Mason's Boutique on their Facebook page! You can do the same thing by clicking here!

Good luck! But I hope I win! ha!!

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I am LOVING that we are only 3 days away from the first Arkansas Razorbacks football game!!!!

I am SO ready to call the Hogs and root them on!

I would love to be able to actually go to a game, but tickets are so so expensive and I don't know that we will get the opportunity to. But, I can guarantee we'll be watching from our living room each week!!!

I'm a little sad that this week's game is only on pay per view though, and it's almost as expensive as the tickets are! So, we may just have to listen to this one on the radio. I will definitely be purchasing some new Hogs gear in the near future! And Grace will need a new shirt or two also, because hers from last year is gonna be too small!!

I'm also loving that today is officially the half way point of the week; we're almost there folks! I love the weekends and this one will be even better because it's a 3 day weekend since Labor Day is Monday! Woohoo!

What are you loving on this Wednesday?!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that we are only two and a half days away from the weekend!! Which means we're two and a half days closer to going to Granny's! Almost the whole gang is going to Alma this weekend. Mom, Dad, Grace and I were already planning on going because Gene will be working this weekend and Corey will be at his mom's. Then we invited Katie, Audrey and Steph to go with us....and they said yes!! Granny is both overwhelmed and excited! I love going to her house, so 9 am Saturday can not get here fast enough!

I am also LOVING that this sweet girl in this picture slept in her own bed ALL night long last night!!! I was hesitant to even type that out on here for fear that now I've jinxed us. However, I was so excited and so proud of her that I had to share! My alarm clock went off this morning and I was originally startled at the fact that she wasn't in bed beside me. I went upstairs to check on her and she was just cuddled up snoring away! She came down at 7 while I was getting dressed and woke her daddy up to tell him and then came running in to me with a big grin on her face! She was so proud of herself and I praised her BIG time!

I also loved seeing this beautiful sky this morning on my way to work. When I woke up it was thundering and lightening, but by the time I left the storm clouds were rolling out and the sun was trying to shine through. God is quite the artist! Thank you Father for a morning gift!

And, I'm also really loving that The Pioneer Woman's show on the Food Network premieres Saturday morning! I already told everybody that we have to be to Granny's by 10:30 to watch it! I adore her and I think it's gonna be a great show!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekend Recap!!

I don't know about you guys, but we had a great weekend!! My husband had to work last Friday and Saturday evening (that was a not so great part), so Friday I did our grocery shopping (by myself!!) and Saturday I didn't leave the house at all. It was bliss. Our dear friends, Hank and Katie, and my mama came out Saturday evening and we made tacos and played Super Mario Brothers on the Wii!! It was so much fun and we will definitely be having more game nights in the future! Due to the changes Blogger has made (why don't they give you a tutorial on the changes?!), my pictures ended up out of order. But we're just going to go with it, and the fact that they are not great quality because they are from my phone! Do people really use actual cameras anymore?!

 Sunday we went to church, came home and ate a quick lunch and then Corey, Grace and I headed into Target to pick out some new bedding for Grace's room! She's been in a twin bed, but it was in bad shape and we've had some furniture changes in our house that opened up a full size bed for her to upgrade to! She was very excited about getting a bigger bed.

 I let her pick out her bedding in hopes that it would make her want to stay in her own bed all night long. See, for the last year or so she has gone to bed beautifully in her own room, however, every night between midnight and 4 am she sneaks downstairs and into my bed! I have done everything I can think of to get her to stay upstairs, but nothing has worked! I'm open to suggestions. :)

  As much as I would love to have my bed back, and to actually get to sleep with my husband all night (he normally sleeps on the couch because our bed is NOT big enough for all 3 of us!), I have become so used to snuggling with her and it seems very odd when she's not there. And by not there, I mean when she stays the night with her Nana and Papa!

Anyways, we pick out this cute bedding that she loves, bring it home and pull it all out and I discover that there are no pillowcases. It was a complete bedding set that came with the comforter, bedskirt, sheet set and two pillow shams. Well, the standard pillowcases were MIA! I got it for a great price though and it was the last one they had in the right size, so I told Gene I was just going to go buy some pillowcases in a different color. I'm kinda glad it worked out like that because I think it looks really good!

I ended up completely gutting her room and starting from scratch! Her big brother, Colt, is moving to Joplin so he won't be using his dresser/night stand, so we moved it into her room. I cleaned out her closet and dresser and bagged up a bunch of clothes and toys, and then got everything put together! I love how it turned out, and I've just got to get a new curtain for in there and get her "Princess" sign hung abover her bed. She loves it, but not enough to sleep in there all night. Sigh. Oh well, maybe by the time she starts high school she will!

 Of course Miss Audrey came with her mama and daddy Saturday night to play (told ya my pictures were out of order!). I promise she really does love Grace, she was just getting hungry!

 Grace. In my bed. You thought I was kidding, didn't you? I don't kid about such things!

Oh, Erin Condren, how I love thee! This, my friends, is the 2011-2012 Life Planner that will change your life! If you follow me on Twitter, then you already know about this little beauty, and the fact that there was an absolute frenzy over these for a couple of weeks! Erin at The Blue-Eyed Bride blogged and tweeted about a promo deal where you could get this $50 planner for $25! Let's just say, LOTS of women jumped on that, including myself, and I'm so glad I did! I am in love and I don't care who knows it!

After a great weekend, it's back to the nitty gritty at work, and I'm already counting down the days to this weekend! I'll blog about what we have going on later!

Have a great week!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm still around....

It has been over a year since I last did a post, and I suppose it's high time I updated! I could sit here and type out every thing we've done in the last year (who am I kidding, there's no way I could ever remember everything we did!), or I could just share some pictures with you (from my not the best quality!) and just do a quick review!!

In the last year we.................

Went to just about every home football game Greenland played.

Had a nice little (no pun intended) visit to the ER with Miss Grace. Never a dull moment I tell ya. And she was just fine, just a really REALLY nasty cough that scared her daddy and me.

Melted my heart. This picture gets me every time. :)

Went as a princess for Halloween!

Posed for pictures after trick or treating.

Made two separate trips to Ft. Worth to see my family!!! Definite highlight for me!

Played dress up. And house. And restaurant. And anything else Grace could talk her brothers into doing with her!

Had a 4th birthday party for our baby girl! And I don't EVEN wanna talk about the fact that this exact time next year I will have a Kindergartner. Nope, not doing it.

Moving on.......

We also bought this mama a Jeep!!!! And oh how I love my Jeep! Now if it would just cool off enough to take the top off again!

Fell even more in love with this stud I am lucky enough to call my husband!

Had many visits to Granny's! And one very special trip to meet Miss Sadie Lauren, the newest addition to our family! We love you sweet girl!

Went to a few birthday parties!

Did silly things that called for a picture.

Had a few more visits to Granny's! We kinda like her..... ;)

And the most recent thing to happen was the birth of this precious babe! Audrey Mayne Brockmeyer graced us with her presence on July 12th and in her short little month of life has already been spoiled completely!! In the best kind of way!

So, that's pretty much what we've been up to! I am going to try and be much better about updating this 'ol blog, because I know one day I'm going to look back at pictures and words about my babies and my family!