Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day!!

We have about 300 (no kidding) pictures from Christmas! I don't feel good today and don't feel like typing much so I'll just do a post of pictures. In short, Christmas morning we woke up did presents at home with the kids, went next door to my in-laws and had breakfast and did presents with them, then drove to Alma to Granny's to have lunch and do presents with the cousins, then we drove home so I could go to work from 6-10, then I came home and crashed!! Last night Mom, Dad, Tanner, and Steph came out to the house and we did snacks and presents with them! We're exhausted, and now I'm sick again so I'll just do a post of pictures!

Christmas decor

My little nativity

Another angle of the table

The kids' stockings on Christmas morning

Grace went straight to her stocking!

Opening presents at home...please excuse the pj's and messy hair!

Colt opening his electric piano.

Corey's new backpack. Yes, he did get cooler the "gangsta" hat on his head, but this was one of the better pictures of him.

Granny, Darrell, Uncle Greg, Tanner, Mom, and Granny Ima after Christmas lunch at Granny's.

Josh, Hillary, Megan, Grace, and Corey waiting for lunch!

Cousin love....Grace, Uncle T, and Megan.

Mom and cousin Julie

Mom and Dad

Megan and Grace

Me and Gene

Corey, Grace, and Colt

Grace and Cousin JT
Ok, that's Christmas Day in a nutshell! Except we forgot to take the camera to my in-laws so I'll have to get those from my m-i-l. I've also got some from last night but they aren't uploaded to the computer yet so I'll post them hopefully in the morning. Hope everyone had a wonderful day!!