Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Ninja's Birthday, A Christmas Party, An Anniversary, and A Sick Family

It has been a busy weekend around here. I had a pretty busy week at work too getting stuff ready for the PD Christmas Party. Yesterday (15th) was Corey's birthday but since Gene and I work on Mondays we decided to celebrate it Friday night. So, he picked Olive Garden to have dinner and then we all went and saw Four Christmases. We dropped Grace off to Mom and Tanner at Target after we ate and she ended up staying the night with them. The movie was HILARIOUS!! It was so good, and will definitely be one that we buy when it comes out! After the movie we came home to birthday cake and ice cream!

And here's the birthday ninja! He's such a goober. We got him some new pj's as one of his birthday presents and they were folded up and tied together with the shoelace or whatever it was that's tied around his head and then he was posing and acting like a ninja. Like I said...goober. He would probably kill me if he knew I put this on here.

We completely forgot to get some more candles so we only had 8 left, 7 of which were pink! He didn't really care though!

After he blew out his 8 instead of 14 candles, we all sat down to watch Get Smart, another one of his birthday presents. I think we were all asleep within the first 30 minutes though!
Saturday morning I had to be up at the Sprindale Country Club to get things set up for our Christmas party. We ended up working up there until about 11, then Teresa and I went and got our nails done! I then went to Kohl's to check on a precious dress I wanted to buy for Grace for the party. Mom and I found it last week but it wasn't on sale, and I didn't want to pay full price for it when she would probably only wear it a couple of times. Well, I ended up getting it Saturday on sale 55% off! I was sooo excited! I then headed home to get everyone ready.
Colt wasn't able to go because he had to march with the school band in the Winslow Christmas Parade, so he actually left with his Mimi and Papa shortly after I got home. We all got showered and dressed and ready to go. Grace and I left early because I had to be back to the Country Club earlier for final touches.
Here's my precious girl in her new little dress! This picture really doesn't do justice to just how adorable she looked, but she did! She did ok during the party. Gene was getting a little stressed I think because she just wanted to be up walking around and seeing everyone the whole time, and I was having to work so I couldn't take care of her much. Of course every time I walked off she wanted to follow me! Overall I think she did ok though.

This is a picture of Teresa, Jana, ad myself all dolled up! I was excited about how good my outfit turned out. I had quite a time figuring out what to wear. I had bought a black sleeveless dress first but I hate my arms and I couldn't find anything that looked good over it, so I took it back and got this red one from JcPenneys! Teresa is the one I'm always talking about, and Jana is also a member of the committee and she works downstairs as a secretary to one of our captains. I just love her to death!! We have had a lot of fun working together on the committee.

Here's another picture of the ladies. Not a very good one of me, but that's ok I still like it! We also had a professional photographer there and Gene and I had our picture taken together. I don't have a copy of it yet, but hopefully I'll be able to eventually put it on here. We never had anyone take a picture of us with our camera. I really wanted some more pictures but I was too busy and didn't have time to get anymore taken. The ballroom looked so beautiful and Christmasy and we got lots of compliments on our hard work! The party was a big success, and we are all glad it's now over!!!!!
I must say though that the food was not that great and one of the meats was chicken cordon bleu. Yuck! I did get some just to try and the chicken was still pink. Needless to say we didn't eat it, but Sunday morning around 6 Gene went upstairs to check on the kids and could smell something stinky. He stepped into Grace's room and stepped in vomit. She had not only pooped in her diaper but also thrown up all over herself and her bed. Bless her heart, she never even made a sound through the night because I never heard her, but she had been so sick. He brought her downstairs and I had to run her a bath and put on fresh clothes. Gene stripped her bed while I gave her a bath and then he took her so I could wash her sheets. He only had her about 5 minutes and she got sick again. We had to strip her clothes off her again, and decided to just leave her in a diaper and wrap her in a blanket and keep a towel close by. I think every blanket and towel in our house was washed Sunday. I felt so helpless, and she just kept looking at me like she didn't understand what was going on. She couldn't keep anything down. Gene went to the store and got her some children's pepto and some Pedialyte and she couldn't keep any of it down.
Grace hasn't really ever been sick before. We've been very blessed with that, but she was sure sick all day and didn't want to do anything but sit in her Mama's lap.
Sunday was also mine and Gene's 2nd wedding anniversary! However, since we had a sick child it was spent taking care of her! We're planning on celebrating it Friday night so I'll make sure to get some pictures to post of us! It's hard to believe we've already been married 2 years. Time flies!
This is how she looked most of the day. Notice no clothes, under a blanket with a towel on top and her sippy of grape flavored Pedialyte!

My child is OBSESSED, and I mean OBSESSED with The Santa Clause movies! She loves all of them, but number 3 is her favorite!

She's so funny, because as soon as she gets up she goes and grabs the remote and starts saying "watch Santa, watch Santa!!" It's so stinkin' cute, so of course we start it for her! She first saw it about 3 weeks ago and we've watched it at least twice everyday since then! We've all seen it so many times that we have it memorized, and even Grace has some of it memorized!

Grace was fine Monday morning when she woke up, her Mama however, not so much. By the time I got back downstairs with her and got her diaper changed I was sick to my stomach. I was down ALL day yesterday in bed, running back and forth to the bathroom. I'm never sick either, but whew I've felt like crap the last 2 days. I stopped getting sick around 7 last night, but still felt miserable the rest of the night. Grace was better yesterday, but was whiny and still feeling a little puny.
I went to bed after putting Grace down, and then was woken up by Gene just before 4 this morning because both boys were sick and had been since about midnight. Oh. My. Word. I ended up moving to the couch so Corey could lay down in our bed and run to our bathroom instead of having to fight over the toilet upstairs! It was so bad, Gene was running back and forth checking on them. Then he fell asleep upstairs with Colt and I stayed downstairs to listen for Corey. Grace ended up going next door to Gene's parent's house away from the sickness and the boys kept taking turns getting sick. We've been back and forth upstairs taking them wet rags, Pepto, and Sprite. It's not been a great week so far in the Johnson house.
I feel better today, but still not a hundred percent so I'm staying home again from work to help take care of my family and to avoid passing the virus to everyone at work. I don't think they're interested in getting this!
So, I'm off now to try and catch my laundry up and check on my kids. I hope everyone elses' week is going better than ours!!