Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day Trip to Tulsa

I have had such a wonderful weekend! As most of you know, Harper is still in the NICU at St. Francis in Tulsa and I had told Mom at the first of the week that I wanted to drive down to visit the Stamps' family. Mom was able to take yesterday off from work so we met up around noon and bought a few things that Harper just HAD to have then we headed for Tulsa!!!!
We made it there a little after 2 and the hospital was super easy to find. The NICU...not so much!! We parked in the parking garage at the Children's Hospital thinking that it would be in that building. We were wrong! After a nice tour of St. Francis we wound our way through and found Kelly!! Mom and I had only met her once, at Hillary's wedding, so I wasn't sure if she would realize who we were but she did and was soooo sweet! We got there at just the right time because it was just her and her in-laws. Shortly after we got there her husband Scott and her parents showed up so we got to visit with all of them for about 20 minutes! Kelly looks great for just having had a baby and they were all in such high spirits!! Kelly said they'd had a really good couple of days because Harper was improving so well. Kelly opened Harper's gift and was happy with everything so we were excited!!
After our visit we wound our way back out of the hospital and headed for The Cheesecake Factory!!!! Oh yum. It was delicious. I know I know, Biggest Loser, but I hadn't cheated at all so I decided yesterday I would treat myself. Plus I only ate half a burger 2 small pieces of pizza and about 3/4 a piece of brownie sundae cheesecake! It was wonderful and a very nice treat!!! After we ate we looked for a place to get some cute and unique birthday invitations for Grace's birthday party but no such luck there. We headed back home at about 5:20 or so.
It was such a great mother/daughter day!! Since Grace was born Mom and I haven't done much without her, but my father-in-law kept her yesterday while Gene worked so we could have a kid-free day! It was nice...but quiet! I was ready to get back home though because I hadn't seen the boys in 2 weeks since they were with their mom last weekend and I don't see them through the week since I work evenings.
Today's been somewhat productive. Gene, Grace, and I left this morning before 11 and dropped Layla off at Petco to be bathed and then we went grocery shopping. Boy was that a nightmare. Everyone and their dog was at Wal-Mart! We hadn't been big time grocery shopping in over a month so we were out of everything and by the time we left our cart was heaping. It wasn't a pretty sight! We are all stocked back up too! We brought the groceries home and unloaded everything, and then I cleaned out our pantry. It was a cluttered mess, and I hate clutter. However, it's no longer cluttered!
I also have washed all the sheets but Grace's, cleaned out the refrigerator and the freezer, and cleaned the kitchen!! Tomorrow morning I intend to do some more cleaning, but for the rest of the night we're just going to watch movies. When Corey and I went in to pick up Layla we stopped and rented Horton Hears a Who, Eagle Eye, Swing Vote, and Appaloosa. Now I just hope they're all good!!
Till next time.....