Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Beginnings

Ok, this picture has absolutely nothing to do with my post, but I love it! Grace got a Dora tent with a tunnel attached to it for Christmas and the last time Tanner came out to the house he was playing in it with her! She wants everyone to get in there with her, but we're all to big! Tanner just picked up the tent and crawled under it! I took this picture from the end of the tunnel!

Well, it's the 4th day of January and I'm optimistic about the new year. We don't really have much going on this month other than the boys getting started back in school and trying to get back into our routine. Things have been a little crazy around here with the holidays and hopefully now things will settle back down!
In February there's quite a bit going on. We will celebrate Grace's 2nd birthday, my 24th birthday, and also my 4th anniversary at the police department. It's hard to believe my baby girl is already almost 2. She's so smart for her age, and it's been so amazing to watch her grow into a little girl!
Grace went with her Nana Friday night to stay at Granny's house so Aunt Cathy could spend some more time with her while she was here from Georgia. Grace loves her Aunt Cathy and Granny and I hear she played her little heart out! Mom and Aunt Cathy dropped her off yesterday about 12:30 because they had a wedding to attend. Gene had gone motorcycle riding because it was such a beautiful day here, so Grace and I just hung out together all afternoon. After Gene got home he grilled cheeseburgers and vegetables and we ate dinner. Grace was so exhausted and had a bath and was ready for "big girl bed" by 8:30. I took her upstairs and she wasn't even interested in me finishing her night time story. She just wanted me to come sit by her and she was out like a light in no time. My sweet girl, I love watching her sleep! I stayed up long enough to finish watching season 2 of Sex and the City then I was in bed before 11.

Grace woke up about 8 this morning and ate a ton of cereal. I'm thinking she's going through a growth spurt or something because she has eaten like nobody's business this past week! I then started laundry and got my bed made and sat down with the computer to try and find a new background for my blog. I think I like it...what do you think?!

Grace and I are watching Charlotte's Web and I'm fixing to put the computer up so maybe we can lay down on the couch and take a little nap!!

Have a good Sunday!!!


Joyce said...

I like the new background!

LC said...

I like the colors in your new background! 2 thumbs up!