Monday, January 26, 2009

Weigh-In & Icy Weather we had our first weigh in since Biggest Loser started at work and I have lost 8 lbs in 2 weeks!!! Our total team weight loss is 29 lbs and we are tied right now for 2nd place!! I was so excited when I stepped on that scale!!

This week I'm doing the tuna diet. I have a tuna sandwich on whole wheat bread for lunch and dinner. This is my 2nd day on it, and so far it hasn't been bad. It actually is supposed to last 6 days but I'll probably only do it 5 since the 6th is actually my Saturday and that's my cheat day. I'm also going to start working out more regularly so I can start taking it off better!!

If you live in Springdale please stay home!!! We have had soooooo many accidents since we got here at 2 that it's not even funny! It's finally slowed down a little bit because people are making it home from work. I'm hoping it stays calm like it is right now the rest of the night. I'm taking a break in the back of the room right now to eat my tuna sandwich then it's back to it!

Have a good night and stay warm!!!