Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just a Little Light Cleaning...

NOT!!!! I did a lot of serious cleaning today. I took the day off work so I could clean, clean, clean. I started about 8:30 this morning and finished around 8:30 tonight. I'm exhausted and really need to go to bed, but I still have wet hair from my shower and I hate going to bed with wet hair.
So, I'll share some pictures from today. This one and the next one actually need to be switched to be in sequential order but oh well. Grace is feeling better, and hasn't had a fever in 2 days!! However, her antibiotic makes her tired, so late morning after it's had plenty of time to get into her system she starts dragging. I had already been cleaning for a while and was working on putting the sheets back on our bed when she crawled over in the corner on our decorative pillows with her baby and fell asleep! She looked so precious and yet so uncomfortable so I picked her up and laid her on our bed and she took a little nap!

I know, she looks so sweet! Of course baby had to be there with her too! She was a good girl today while I cleaned. Gene was outside all morning cleaning up the yard and the porch then he had to run to town so it was just me and Grace most of the day and she just occupied herself and let me do my thing. Occasionally she wanted to help, but I didn't mind! Well, that and every 10 minutes she had to go potty! I swear I spend most of time in the bathroom these days!
The picture above this one is her sitting at the table with us for dinner tonight. We asked if she was ready to eat and instead of going to her high chair she climbed up into a chair at the dinner table. Wow! She's not a baby anymore...
Her outfit came from her brother! As soon as they got home from school they headed upstairs to clean their rooms and of course Grace had to follow! About an hour later Corey and Grace come walking down the stairs and Grace has on Corey's green basketball jersey (which he's tied in the back), her orange panties, red socks, and some big bead necklaces that were in Corey's room. Oh, I laughed hysterically! He had also pulled her hair back into a ponytail! I actually had a flash of the future...I was picturing her as a junior cheerleader in high school wearing a basketball player's jersey and headed to a pep rally. I almost cried.
I became fully aware that time goes way too fast and that my daughter isn't going to stay a baby forever. I don't like it. As much as I'm looking forward to watching her grow and become a young woman, I'm also dreading it. I want her to stay a baby for the rest of her life and always want me to rock her to sleep, and run to me and say "hold you!", and pick her nose and stick it on me somewhere, and suck on a paci, and giggle when her bubbas chase her, and I could go on but I'll spare you. Point is, I'm not ready for this. I'm not even sure I'm ready for her to be 2. I mean, we're already off the bottle, the diapers (just about), and before long we'll be off the paci. Seriously, she's a child now, not just a baby. Ok, I have to move on...

Perfect example of my statements from above....she's wearing big girl panties drinking out of a cup with a straw...not a sippy cup. This is also her new favorite thing, wearing her daddy's shirt. As much as I hate saying it (ok, I don't REALLY hate saying it, but)....she's a MAJOR daddy's girl my friends. Big time.
I'm tired of typing now so I'm going to bed. Good night!!!