Friday, July 10, 2009

Just A Line...or Two

I don't have any pictures to post of my weekend and I don't really like posting without pictures but oh well. I don't really have a lot to share either! Yesterday Grace and I got haircuts and then we went to lunch with Mom at Guido's Pizza after I picked the boys up from their mom's. Tanner (my brother) works at Guido's and I hadn't seen him in a while so we decided to pay him a visit! Grace loves going to Guido's because alot of the employees know her and love playing with her! It was yummy...of course, but I only had 2 small pieces because I've been eating so much better and was proud of myself for the restraint!

Grace went home with Mom to stay the night and the boys and I came home to clean house. I accomplished all that I wanted to and a little bit more. The boys are such great help around the house! We finally finished around 8 pm and then ran in to Subway to have dinner. Gene was at work till 10 so after we ate we went to Gulley Park here in Fayetteville and ran for about 25 minutes. I would have liked to have gone longer but it got dark on us because we got there so late. It was certainly better than nothing and we had already worked out back and abs at home, which ended up being a mistake. I don't know what I was thinking doing that after I'd swept and mopped and that always makes my back hurt...then I decide to pick back to work out last night. Brilliant. My lower back has been killing me all day today! It was worth it though and I know it'll pay off.

This morning I slept in till just before 11, which felt great, because I'd stayed up late last night watching Australia when I should have gone to bed! I paid bills then Corey and I hit the post office and Wal-Mart for groceries. Oh how I HATE buying groceries. I'm seriously always broke after doing it! Prices have just gone up so much and it's depressing. Especially when you're feeding 5 people...two of them being teenage boys!

We finally made it home and got the groceries unloaded. Gene only worked about 5 hours today and after he got home decided to go for a ride on the motorcycle. Mom and Grace came out to the house and we all loaded up to go swimming. We got there a whole lot later than I intended and only stayed about an hour and a half. I was planning to make chicken enchiladas for dinner (at Corey's request) and they take a while so we didn't get long to swim. It was nice though!

I had asked Gene to put the chicken on to boil before we left the pool and by the time we got home he already had it boiled and all the stuff mixed up! All I had to do was roll the tortillas. They were absolutely delicious and definitely a hit. We had enough mixture for a whole big pan and then a whole small pan. The big pan was all but gone by the time we finished. I showed great restraint once again and had half of what I would have normally eaten!

I got the kitchen cleaned up and the boys and I went to the park again to run. Grace went to ride the 4-wheeler with her papa (Gene's dad) while her Mimi (Gene's mom) walked up and down our road. Gene was exhausted from having to be up earlier this week than normal for work and was asleep when we got home. Stan (Gene's dad) brought Grace home right after we got here and now everyone has had baths and most are asleep. Grace was exhausted and went right to sleep and I'm pretty sure it will be the same story for me!!