Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Granny the Great!

Have I ever mentioned before how much I really realy really really and I mean really love my Granny?! If I haven't, let me just tell you, I do! As does Grace!

I know I said I was going to be better about blogging but it just hasn't happened because there just isn't enough time in the day. However, right now I'm making time because I have to share about Granny!

She had to have back surgery on Sept. 10th to correct her spinal stenosis (I would love to explain what that is but to be honest I'm not entirely sure and would rather not sound like a dumb dumb trying)! Luckily her doctor works out of Washington Regional that is here in Fayetteville so she was close to Mom and I. Aunt Cathy and Uncle Greg were able to drive in the day before from Atlanta to be here with her also.

The surgery only lasted about an hour and then she was in recovery for an hour and a half before any of us could see her again. We took up a whole section of the waiting room! Gene went with me and stayed up there the whole time to help with Grace and then of course Mom, Aunt Cathy and Uncle Greg were there and Monica (Aunt Cathy's best friend) came up for a while and also our cousins Julie and Courtney brought Granny Ima up! Stephanie was able to come up too because she got off work early!

I'm not sure there's been a time that I was more ready to see Granny! I was very anxious to see her and make sure that she was in fact fine! The doctor came out and visited with us as soon as he finished the surgery and told us that everything went smoothly and that she would be just fine and dandy (ok those weren't his exact words but you get the picture). We all really liked her doctor and knew she was in good hands. We also found out that he was the same doctor that did Gene's back surgery back about 5 years ago! Gene said he was great then too and came highly recommended. Whew! Good news for sure!

We were told that after the surgery Granny would have to be in the hospital for 3-4 days then in rehab for physical therapy for about 2 weeks. Sure enough, the surgery was on a Thursday and on the following Monday afternoon she was moved to Healthsouth for her rehab! We were all very relieved that she did in fact qualify for the rehab so she could regain some confidence in her abilities to walk again! She was in alot, and I mean alot, of pain for the first week and then it started to ease a little bit. She has done so wonderful at rehab and all of her therapists have been so complimentary of her progress! Go Granny!!

Mom and I met up there on Tuesday for a family therapy/meeting to discuss her discharge date. Granny was really hoping to go home on Wednesday but the doctor at Healthsouth thought it was a good idea to keep her until tomorrow (Saturday). She was a little bit bummed but after we thought and talked about it some more we all decided that was probably for the best. That would give her 3 more whole days with her therapists to build her strength more and to ensure she was really ready to head home!

Aunt Cathy flew in Wednesday to stay at home with Granny for the next 2 weeks which is a HUGE blessing! So, tomorrow is the big day and we are all sooo excited that she gets to go home and really get back to herself! It's been right at a year now since her fall that started all of her horrible pain and now she is on the road to feeling like her old self again! Just in time to enjoy the leaves changing color on her brand new deck!!!!

Ok, now that I've caught everyone up (finally) I'm going to take a shower and Grace and I are going to visit Granny!!!

Have a great weekend!