Sunday, February 21, 2010

Three Years

Three years ago today I gave birth (after 12 hours of labor) to this precious little girl!
I love her more today than I did this day three years ago, if that is even possible! Grace Elaine and her two brothers bring me so much joy and I can't even imagine my life without them.
Highlights of Grace's 3rd year:
1) Completely potty-trained the whole year (with the exception of still wearing a diaper to bed).
2) Has developed an amazing vocabulary. She'll start speaking and I think I'm talking to an 8 year old!
3) Loves to brush her own teeth.
4) Has been in a big girl bed for well over a year now.
5) Almost knows how to spell her name.
6) Can count to ten without any problems.
7) Knows all of her colors.
8) Knows most of the alphabet, but still has to have help.
9) Just recently I found a new church that I LOVE and Grace now enjoys going to "little church"! It makes my heart smile to hear her softly singing "Jesus" songs to herself and talking about what she learned in "little church"!
10) Went through the "terrible twos" for a few months, but seem to have transitioned out of them....for the most part!
I could go on and on and on and on some more about what all she does, but I'll spare you!!! One last thing I want to share though - this Thursday Grace will attend her very first gymnastics class!!!! I am so beyond excited about it and this weekend we bought her a new little lieutard (sp?) to wear that is PRECIOUS!! She's excited about them too, and I'm really hoping she'll enjoy it!
We had her party yesterday afternoon, and one day this week when I'm not so tired I'll get some cute pictures posted!


Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Thanks so much for visiting. No, I do not take offense to the fact that I remind you of your Mother. That is a compliment! Your little girl, Grace, is precious! I taught 3 year old pre-school for 16 years and am now a Professional Nanny to a 3 year old little boy. I have always loved children. Looks like you all still have lots of cold weather out your way. Thank goodness most of our snow is gone. And hopefully spring will arrive soon. I am sick of snow and cold weather. Take care. Have a wonderful week. Love & blessings from NC!

Jennifer said...

After you commented on our blog I clicked over and realized I knew your husband from the gym! Josh and I worked out at Northwest until I had Brody a year and a half ago. Josh still works out there but I switched gyms. We were usually there in the afternoons at the same time as Gene. Small world! :)

Grace is a doll!