Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tumble Bug!!!

This morning Grace attended her first gymnastics class!!!
We have both been so excited about her starting and today was finally the day! She's in a Tiny Tots class that is all 3 year olds! She was still trying to take it all in while everyone else was stretching and warming up. She stayed on her knees pretty much the whole time watching!

I think she was trying to figure what exactly they were doing.

It didn't take long for her to come out of her shell though! After they broke them up into their groups and headed to separate stations she got really excited and jumped right in, doing what her teacher told her to do.

When I watched her do this for the first time I could not stop smiling!! I was so excited and so proud of her! Dad came to watch her and he brought Mom's flip video camera and I'm pretty sure he recorded just about the whole hour!!

She had to slide her hands across to move her feet from the red mat to the orange mat without letting go and she did it the first time!

Little trampoline!!

Then she had to kick over this big round thing as she jumped off the red mat. There's a viewing area upstairs from the floor and all the parents were sitting up there watching. It was pretty obvious today was Grace's first class because I kept snapping pictures and Dad was videoing it all while the other parents were just watching and talking amongst themselves!

I felt a little bit silly, but not enough to stop snapping!!

I think this is my favorite shot from today! I want to have it printed and hang it up in her room. She just looks like she's been doing it for forever!

The trampoline was one of her favorites and her teacher had to reel her back in a few times because she just wanted to take off!! She was all red faced and sweaty by the time the hour was over and she said she loved it! It's all she's been talking about now and it's so hard for me to believe she's already old enough to be taking gymnastics. I was very pleased with the teachers and they way things are set up so I officially signed her up today and she'll go every Thursday morning now!