Thursday, August 7, 2008

Banana Pudding!!!!!!!!!!

When we got to Granny's today I opened the refrigerator to put Grace's sippy cups in there and look what I found inside!!!!!!

My first bowl! I've had 2 now!

Ok, so I LOVE Granny's banana pudding! She usually makes it about every other time I come down, and I was sooooo excited when I saw it today. It's most definitely the very best you will ever eat. Too bad I'm probably going to eat the whole thing!! Just kidding...probably only 3/4!

Grace finally wore herself out spinning and singing and dancing this afternoon. Granny had a hair appt at 4, and while she was gone Grace crawled up in Corey's lap and fell asleep. She slept for about an hour or so. She was pretty cranky when she woke up and just went from one person's arms to the next. However, she was much better after eating some of Granny's taco soup and cheese dip for dinner. I think she ate more of Granny's bowl than Granny did!!

Isn't she so big?! And precious?!

After we ate dinner we watched Definitely, Maybe and it was a really cute movie!! Corey got a little confused....but it's really not confusing. It was good! I would recommend it!

Ok, 2 posts today so now I'm going to try and get Grace to sleep. After we brush her teeth of course!

Good Night!



Shelly said...

Steve and I LOVE bananna pudding! Tanner on the other hand....yea, not so much.

Looks great though! Gotta love Granny's!

cjrussell said...

She is precious. I am so impressed that she was asleep on the couch. I am jealous in regards to the banana pudding I know how wonderful it is.