Thursday, August 7, 2008

Over The River And Through The Woods

To Granny's house we go!!!!
(Yes, that's Grace when she was still little!)

It's my weekend!!! Yay! Mom and I wanted to try and squeeze one more trip into Granny's house before Mom has to go back to work, so this morning after Corey's orientation at school Mom, Corey, Grace, and I drove down to stay the night. We love coming to Granny's house!
It was raining cats and dogs by the time Mom got to our house to pick us up this morning so we got soaked! Corey's orientation was at 10 this morning, so we went there first and then stopped in Big Red's Razorback Store on 6th St. to check on a license plate for Granny such luck! After that we went to the bank so I could deposit some money, then we checked Wal-Mart for a license plate (no such luck there either). I told Mom I wanted donuts so she was going to get some in WM for me...yum! Corey and I waited in the car with Grace because it was raining still and I was already drenched from getting out at school with Corey. Anyway, while Mom was inside I told Corey I hoped she got me some milk because I knew I would get thirsty eating donuts!! When she walked out I could see the milk in a bag....just love that woman!! When she got in we told her I was talking about it, and all she said was "Who do you think raised you?!?!"
I guess she thinks after 23 years she knows me pretty well. I'm not going to argue that one though!
Ok, so we made it to Alma and it only rained on us half way here. By the time we made it to Granny's the sun was shining. It's hard for me to complain about the rain when we needed it so bad though!
After we got settled and Grace entertained for a while we went down and ate Pizza Parlour....YUMMY!!! Aunt Cathy if you're reading this....I'm sorry!! I ate some for you though! They have the best pizza ever.
After lunch we just headed back to Granny's and Grace continued entertaining. She was in quite a mood today! If you read the post about us seeing Mamma Mia! then you remember that Mom bought the soundtrack. Well, Grace LOVES the music from that movie. She sings "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!" but to every song on the CD. So funny! I brought it in and was playing it on the computer and she was dancing and singing for us. Granny got a kick out of her! Grace also discovered that she has a pocket, and she was extremely intrigued by it. I tried posting a video of it but it wouldn't work. I'll try it again later!

I'll get off for now, but I have another post for later!

Talk to you soon!



cjrussell said...

I am glad you guys made it down to Alma safe. Hill said it rained up there all morning. I don't think we even got a drop. Hope the school shopping went well. The trip pictures were neat too. Thanks for sending them. Enjoy your weekend.

Megan said...

JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course Aunt Cathy is reading this! I am so glad you all went to Granny's - I know you will have a great time!!!