Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bikes, Blues, & BBQ!!

I've finally had time to get some pictures put on here and post about Bikes, Blues, & BBQ. We had a really good time, and I'm so glad it worked out for us to be able to go! Gene and I were wanting to watch the parade that started at 4 but we got home about that time to change clothes so we didn't get to see it. However, on our way down to Dickson on College we got caught in some of the parade! It normally takes about 10 minutes, at the most, to get to Dickson from our house. Not Saturday. It took us about 25 minutes to make it downtown. It was just a sea of motorcycles and traffic!! It's amazing how many people come in from out of town for BBBQ.

We finally made it to the light to turn onto Dickson and worked our way down to the end. I don't know how many of you have been to BBBQ, but every year people just ride up and down Dickson on their bikes. I mean, they will literally just make loops back and forth, up and down showing off their bikes! Gene and I just rode down once and made it up to about Jimmy John's where there was an empty spot so Gene told me to hop off so he could park since we actually find one so close! We were out walking by about 4:30 or so, and there were just so many people there it's crazy. There were tons of vendors set up trying to sell stuff and displaying bikes.

We started off just walking up Dickson looking at all the bikes. We came across this one that was awesome. It's obviously a custom and everything but the frame is leather. The seat, the gas tank, the fenders, everything! It was so cool looking, and it had the owners name I guess etched into it. The one sitting next to it on the right is similar to it. It's amazing how many different types of bikes there are and how custom they are.

Here is Gene and I standing in front of the Walton Arts Center watching everyone pass. Steph made it there a little after 6 and hung out with us! Let me tell ya something, it takes all kind of crazy people to make this world go round! We saw so many very interesting characters!

This is a view looking east up Dickson towards College. As you can see there's so many people it's hard to even walk. Not only that, but you have to be careful walking along the street side because there are bikes one after another parked and some are over the sidewalk so you have to watch your step so you don't knock one over! You knock one over, and it'll be a domino effect! That would not be good!

Me and my bestest friend, Steph! She's Grace's Aunt Stephie! She and I have been best friends since we were in 8th grade, and have been through soooooooo much together. She's the sister I never had. My parents (and grandparents!) claim her as their own and her parents claim me as their own!

This was a really cool bike we saw riding up and down. It sas Hollywood on it on the other side of the guy's leg and then it has a picture of Marilyn Monroe, and I can't remember now who the guy was beside her. It was really neat. We also saw a trike that had a custom red, white, and blue American flag paint job. Super cool!

And here's a view up Dickson after dark. I had a few other girlfriends that were going to meet up with us but stuff came up and not everyone was able to come. Gene had to leave around 9 or so because he had to work yesterday morning so he had to be up early. Jennie (Steve's wife that we took our trip with), Rhonda (Bill's wife...another friend of Gene and Steve's), and Diane (Jennie's best friend) all met up with us right as Gene was fixing to leave. Us girls just walked around and visited and ate and laughed until about 12:30! We had such a good time! Of course Jennie and I had spent lots of time together on our trip and we still ride with them some so we knew each other really well. Rhonda I had met several times but hadn't ever really got to hang out with her a lot. She is HILARIOUS!! Diane I had never met before, but she was super sweet and very personable. We all clicked together!
I am so glad Mom and Granny were able to keep Grace for us! Thanks Mom and Granny!! We had a blast, and I'm already ready for next year! Hopefully next year we'll have more opportunities to go and we can do some more actual riding. If you've never been, you should definitely check it out next year.
That just about wraps that up, and Grace is wanting her Mama to hold her so I'm going to oblige!
Talk to you soon!


Stephie said...

I had a lot of fun that night! I could not tell you the last time I laughed soo much!

Shelly said...

Just ONCE, I want to stand at the top of Dickson on Saturday night of BBBQ and push the top motorcycle. I want to be the one that starts the domino effect. Now granted, I wouldn't be able to stick around and watch it because I'd have to start running as soon as the second bike falls, but still-I think it would be hilarious!!

Ok, maybe not so much.

No wonder Steve won't take me to BBBQ.