Sunday, September 28, 2008


First, I want to start off by saying thank you so much to Leah and Shelly for the sweet comments you left on my previous post. It was very sweet of both of you. Shelly, you just about made me cry!! Good tears, not bad! I know we haven't ever had the opportunity to really spend time together, but I feel like we're great friends and it makes my heart happy!

Second, I would like to say that yesterday was a MUCH better day! Grace went down to bed fairly easy Friday night and didn't wake up until almost 9 yesterday morning! Thank goodness. I felt so much more rested.

Now, Granny (my sweet Granny that is photographed above with her sweet great granddaughter) is doing soooo much better! Mom ended up taking her to the emergency room Friday night because they never could get an appointment with her doctor. Mom said they were in and out of there in only about 2 hours, which is another blessing. They did x-rays and the er doctor said that she had not broken any bones, very good news, and that she just had some pretty bad sprains and some bruising. He prescribed her some pain medication and sent them home. Mom said she gave her some pain medication and she laid down pretty early that night and slept, for the most part, soundly through the night. Mom said she did hear her up at one point in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, but she was able to make it in there on her own! That is awesome, because Friday Mom was having to help her get around because she wasn't able to put any pressure on her left leg.

When we woke up yesterday morning Gene made breakfast.....again! I think he was afraid to let me get back in there yet, ya know, fresh wounds still! Ha! He made yummy omelets (Grace now knows how to say omelet!!) and a GOOD pot of coffee. After we ate I was racking my brain trying to figure out someone I could call to keep Grace for us last night so that Gene and I could go together to Bikes, Blues, & BBQ. Dad had told Mom he could watch her but he's not entirely confident in watching her by himself for long amounts of time. That, and I knew it would be late before we got home and I didn't want him to have to worry about that, plus my parents live 20 minutes away from us so I also knew I wouldn't want to drive all the way out there to get her and then all the way home.

So, I had talked to Steph on Friday and she had volunteered to keep Grace while we went to Colt's recital at 2. I was already planning on utilizing her!! I was going to call my mother-in-law to see if they could keep Grace last night, but they have a bike too and had been down to Dickson every night so I figured they would be again last night. I went ahead and called just to see, and they did already have plans to go back down. There goes that idea! I had pretty much decided I was just going to stay home. Gene told me he would stay home with Grace, but I told him it wouldn't be as fun without him. That was part of my wanting to go...on the bike....with him!!

Anway, so I called Mom after we ate breakfast and we were talking and she was filling me in on how Granny was feeling much better, and was able to get around by herself more with just holding on to things for leverage. Her leg still gives on her some if she's not careful. So, she asks how things are here and I'm telling her how I couldn't figure out anyone to keep her and then she said just bring her down here! I said OK!!! I had already thought of that, but I knew the last thing they needed was Grace getting under foot while she was trying to help Granny get around. Mom said that Granny didn't need her much to walk and Granny, of course, was excited about seeing Grace. Now 3 weekends in a row Grace has got to spend the weekend with her Granny!!

I was sooooooooo excited! I told Mom I just needed to take a quick shower and get some things together for Boo (Grace's nickname) and we would head down. It was 10:20 when we hung up, and we were in Alma by 11:50!! Not only was that out of excitement, but I also had to hurry up and make it back in time for Colt's recital at 2.

As I was pulling up to Granny's, there was a white van in the driveway. I recognized Shirley (a local flower lady and friend of the family) standing on the front sidewalk talking to Mom. After I got Grace out of the car seat we stood for a few minutes talking to her, and she was going on and on about how cute she is!! We went inside and Grace was so excited to see Granny, she ran right over to her and lifted her arms up for her to pick her up.

Mom was also excited to see her baby girl! I stayed for just a little bit visiting because Courtney came over to see Grace and help out, and she had her pictures with her from Hillary's wedding. So, I stayed long enough to look through them. I was pushing it making it back on time. I would have been doing fine, but I got stuck in traffic down by the Randall Tyson Track Center. I should have known better than to go that way, but it wasn't bad at all when we were headed down. Who know an hour could make such a difference!

I had enough time when I got home to change my clothes and throw on a little make-up and we were off. Colt did sooo awesome! He didn't mess up any and was one of the best players there. I think there were like 12 total. His teacher was bragging A LOT on him before he started playing, and after he finished playing! We were very proud.

After the recital, we headed back home to get the bike. Once again, we were only home long enough for me to change my clothes...again, and touch up my make-up, then we were off to Dickson! I took some pictures, but my camera is still in the saddlebag on the motorcycle and it's next door at my in-laws in the shed so I'll get back on tomorrow and post them and tell you all about that!

Right now I've gotta call Mom and check on all my girls, then take a shower and get ready for work. Yuck!