Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Day of Nothing

Well, today was a day of laziness! We didn't do much but just eat and lay around. I put the pictures in the wrong order, so they start with the most recent. I'll just talk backwards.

When we got here yesterday Granny had made a pie crust....homemade pie crust, but she wasn't feeling very good so that was as far as the pie got! Well, this afternoon she finished it and we had chocolate pie. Yummy! Grace particularly loved it, as you can see in the pictures below. She prefered to eat with her fingers instead of a spoon.

Ok, she actually used her finger AND her thumb!! Yummy Cool Whip!

After Granny put the Cool Whip on top she let Grace lick the spatula....and the bowl!! Her Papa will be so proud!

You can also see the pizza box sitting there from the Pizza Parlour Pizza we had for lunch!!!!

Again, Grace preferred to dip her fingers in the Ranch instead of the pizza.

Granny was so happy that Grace fell asleep in her lap!

Grace slept with me last night because she will NOT sleep in her playpen when we are away from home. She has only ever slept with me about 3 times. One time was at home because Gene had hung some cork board in all 3 of the kids rooms upstairs so the adhesive smell was way to strong upstairs to put Grace in her room, so she slept with me that night. The other times were just when we were at Granny's and when we were at Mema & Papa's. Even when we come to Granny's she usually sleeps with Mom, because when she stays at Mom & Dad's she always sleeps with them so she's used to sleeping with Mom. She's not so used to sleeping with me.
Well, last night she was so tired and we knew she wouldn't go to sleep with both Mom and I sitting in the living room because she gets frustrated not being able to snuggle with both of us at the same time. Granny and Mom went to lay down and Grace and I stayed in the living room to go to sleep. It didn't take her long once she got still, and we went to bed. I didn't sleep worth a darn. I can never fully relax when she's in bed with me because I'm afraid I'm going to wake her up or roll over on her. So, I slept maybe about 3 hours last night. I've had a headache and have been really tired all day.
We had put in The Little Mermaid and Grace actually crawled up in Granny's lap and fell asleep. That made Granny happy because she NEVER does that if Mom and I are both here. She slept for over an hour and I fell asleep on the couch. I didn't really sleep that long, and then we ordered pizza and had lunch. It was sooooo good, but we knew it would be!!
Granny and Grace did a lot of reading this morning! Mom and I were in the den playing on the computer and I was reading a magazine, so she was content to sit in Granny's lap and read! They were so cute. Grace has become quite fond of her Granny!!
Nana & Grace
This picture was actually taken last night, but I wanted to post it because I think it's cute! This was during her wandering around trying to stay awake phase!
We went to bed last night about 11 and were up around 8:30, but like I said I didn't sleep most of that time. Mom volunteered to take her tonight since she does sleep so much better with her. Thank goodness!!
We had planned to get out and do a little bit more than we did today, but ya know it was nice to lay around and do nothing.
I'm getting off her now though because Grace is tugging on me saying "bath bath bath bath bath." I think she's ready for a bath! After that I'm taking a shower, because I haven't had one all day! Shew! Ha!
Have a great night!