Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Perfect Weather

Oh my goodness, I am LOVING the fact that my air conditioner is turned off and it's 70 degrees in my house. It's actually a little on the cool side in here!! I also love that it feels so brisk and cool outside. I guess Fall is finally here! Yay!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. Gene worked drug interdiction yesterday so he and Grace and I were all home together, which was nice since I had not seen him in 4 days. Our a/c was on when we got up but I turned it off shortly after getting out of bed and opened all the windows because it felt so great outside. Gene made us breakfast and I cleaned out our medicine cabinet in the laundry room. It needed it so bad and I finally had the time and patience to do it. I threw away so much stuff, and I was driving Gene crazy asking him about stuff that needed to be kept. It looks so much better and is all organized by category (pain aid, cold/flu, muscle creams, itch medicine, children's stuff, etc.). Sorry, that's probably boring for you, but I'm very proud of myself!

Anyway, I got that done and also got our bed stripped and our sheets washed and tidied up our bedroom a little bit. It was a productive day. Grace woke up at about 8, which came early since I didn't go to sleep until 1 am catching up with my hubby! It's ok though because it did allow me plenty of time to get stuff done before work. Gene laid Grace down on the couch around 11 to take a nap and she fell right to sleep. She was trying to catch up on her sleep from her busy weekend at Granny's! I took a shower while she was sleeping and then grabbed a blanket and my book and sat outside on the porch and read till Grace woke up. It was so peaceful and relaxing.

Gene brought Grace outside then and she and I played on the porch while he mowed the lawn. She's somewhat fascinated with the lawnmower....who knows! That child LOVES to be outside, and she threw a huge fit when I brought her in to feed her lunch. She would literally stay outside all day if you would let her. I don't know what I'm gonna do when she's old enough to get out there by herself, we'll never get her in the house. That's ok though I guess, better that than a lazy kid!!

Work was pretty good last night. Teresa (my supervisor and really really good friend) was out a lot of last week because she had a pinched nerve and possibly a slipped disk in her neck. She was so miserable and I felt so bad for her, because you could tell by looking at her that her neck was swollen and that she just didn't feel good. The doctor gave her some meds though and she was back yesterday!!! It's just more fun to work when she's there. We didn't really have much excitement, sometimes it gets tiring dealing with scum. You have no idea how ignorant some people are until you've worked at a police department for any length of time....they call us for the stupidest things. We will honestly have people call 911 looking for the number for our jail!!! Hello?!?! Really? Do you not have a phone book? Very irritating. Oh well, part of the job I suppose.

I slept great last night, because I was so tired. Gene had to work regular shift today at the pd so he was up at 5:30. I usually wake up when he gets up and is getting ready, but this morning I only woke up for maybe 3 minutes. Long enough to look over and see that he was in uniform and packing his gym bag and then I was right back out! I didn't wake up again until Grace did around 8:30. I'm still a little sleepy, but Jeanette (Gene's mom) just came over and got Grace so I could take a nap before work. Gene's parents keep Grace pretty much every Tuesday and Wednesday for sure and Thursdays too if Gene's working construction. They only have her until either the boys or Gene get home. They live right next door to us, so it's pretty convenient sometimes!!

I've got the windows back up this morning because it's so nice outside and I'm fixing to lay down on the couch and read until I fall asleep for just a little bit before getting ready for work. I really should be doing some more cleaning, but I'm not going to! It'll still be there when I get ready to do it.

Until next time....


Tiffany said...

I did the same thing yesterday! We cleaned the entire apartment and had all the windows up! It was so nice! I wish it was like this all of the time!