Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Activities

Well, we made it to Granny's safe and sound. It was so pretty and sunny in Fayetteville when we left, but by the time we made it to Alma it was cloudy and everything was wet where it had just rained. Crazy Arkansas weather!

Granny was excited to see her girls, and Grace was excited to see her Granny! We got the car unloaded and were hanging out in the living room trying to decide what to have for dinner. I told Mom on the way down that I was in the mood to cook, but I didn't know what sounded good. Granny had cooked a roast yesterday so we decided on that and green beans and mashed potatoes. I was craving some dinner rolls too so I made a run to Wal-Mart because I had to have diapers anyways too.

By the time I got back Mom had just about everything already ready, so we ate a FABULOUS dinner! It was so incredibly yummy. After dinner Grace and Granny went outside to swing for a little bit (it's a Granny/Grace thing)! She only likes swinging with her Granny, or will only sit still with her Granny! Too cute. I knew Grace wouldn't be excited about coming back in so I had all of her bath stuff ready so we could switch from one favorite activity to another! She was okay once she was in the tub. I've got to start taking pictures of these things to illustrate!

Anyway, Mom made a run back down to Wal-Mart to fill up on gas because everyone was in such a frenzy with the hurricane and gas not only sky-rocketing but also the possibility of running out. Grace was clean and happy by the time she made it back and then we settled in to watch the season finale of Monk, we love that show!!

Monk and Company
After Monk it was time for Psych, another favorite! Grace has been wandering around aimlessly trying not to fall asleep. She's so tired she can't stand it, but she's afraid to go to sleep because ya know she might miss something! Ha!

After Psych we watched the news and all the updates on Hurricane Ike. It's a nasty booger, and I am definitely praying for all the people who are going to be affected by it in not only Texas and Louisiana, but also in Arkansas. They're saying there's a good chance we'll get a good dose of it late tomorrow and early Sunday. Which of course is not good news to me considering my husband is in Hot Springs and is supposed to be home on Sunday.....on the motorcycle. He told me earlier that right now Jason's dad is planning to trailer them home if the weather is as nasty as they're saying it's supposed to be. Mom and I were planning to stay at Granny's tomorrow night too and just leave early enough Sunday for me to make it back to work but now I'm not sure if that's smart. I don't want to get caught out in the storm. So, I'm praying it doesn't get really bad.

That pretty much wraps up tonight so I'm going to go wash my face, brush my teeth, and try to get my child to go to sleep. Wish me luck!!!

Good Night!