Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Phone!!

Yay! I'm back in communication! I took the day off today because I had some comp time from working the Rummage Sale at the pd, but Gene called and asked me to take his air soft gun to him at the pd. I loaded Layla up in the truck with me and we headed to Springdale. When Gene got there he pulled an AT&T bag out of his car and handed it to me. It was a new phone! I was so excited!

I've spent the last 45 minutes or so figuring it out and bluetoothing ringtones from Corey's phone! I didn't even have to get a new number. I did however lose ALL of my other numbers, so I'm setting the comments on this to private and I would love it if you would post a comment with your phone number so I can put it in my phone!

I've got company coming for dinner here shortly so I'm signing off. Hopefully tomorrow I can catch up on my blogging!!


Shelly said...

Yay!! Your hubby is quite the man-I'm so impressed!!! :)

479-466-8187 if you need it. :)

Mrs. Burks Blog said...

Its always great when the hubby buys things for his wife! I know I love it!!

479 856 1806