Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Pretties!!

I've had a pretty great weekend! Friday morning Grace and I lounged around the house because we had an appraiser out appraising the house so we just hung out till around 11 or so when I finally decided to get in the shower! We left the house and our first stop was school to see Nana. We hung out there for about an hour, then we left and met Tanner at Guido's at 2. Tanner was getting off work and had made us a pizza....yummy!! He is moving into a new house out on the lake and has been wanting to take me out and show it to me. So, after we ate we took off.

The house is not very old, but it's like a river cabin kind of. It's nice, especially for 3 20 something guys! Plus it's within walking distance of the lake. He's very proud of it. It took us forever to get out there though! After my home tour, we dropped Grace off at Mom and Dad's, which isn't that far from his new place. Mom said she would keep Grace for me so I could finally go to the Greenland football game and watch Colt march in the band. I then had to drop Tanner off back at Guido's, then I made a trip to Old Navy. Big mistake. I ended up spending more money than I intended to, but it's ok because Grace needed some cold weather clothes and now she has some!

Anway, then I headed home and got ready for the game. Steph got off work at 6 and she drove out to the house to go to the game with us. The Pirates won....again! They are undefeated this year!! The band did soooooo good during halftime! I'm so impressed by how good Colt is, even though this is his first year to march. Talented kid I tell ya!

Yesterday morning Gene had to be up early to take Colt to the school at 8:30 for marching contest being held in Huntsville. So, I woke up when Gene got up at 6:30 and could not go back to sleep. I decided to just get up since he was making breakfast. I fell back to sleep on the couch after they guys left. I slept for a couple more hours. Gene left again sometime during my nap to drive to Huntsville to watch. I had to get Grace and Mom and I had already planned a shopping trip.

Oh boy, I'll say a shopping trip. We both intended to just do some "shop looking." Yea, that didn't exactly go like we had planned. Mom had a massage appointment yesterday at 1, so I met her up there at 1:45 and Dad brough Grace up there at the same time so we could go shop. We started off at Old Navy so I could take some jeans back and I ended up getting me some more pants and Grace several more things. Like I said, she didn't have hardly any cold weather clothes. Now she does!

Our next stop was food, we were both super hungry and hadn't eaten since breakfast. It was 2:30! We tried the new Jason's Deli in Nelson Crossing and it was fabulous!!! They have a very wide variety of stuff, but Mom and I both got the Club Royale, which was amazing. It was on a toasted croissant. Yum! Grace had a polish sausage, chips, and a pickle and ate almost every bite.

We checked out Monday's Child, also in Nelson Crossing. Holy toledo!! Their prices were outrageous!!! I couldn't believe it. We found a couple of outfits for Grace, but one was $90 and the other was $56. I mean, come on. Why would you spend that much money on something your child is going to outgrow in 3 months?!?! Yea, not me.

We then worked our way over to Kirkland's. Oh my. Mom and I both LOVE Kirkland's. Mom was able to get Christmas for Gene and I out of the way! We got some new pretties for our house!! Yay! We moved in in March of 2007, and we still don't have anything on our walls. So boring. I just stress out really bad trying to decide what I want, where I want it, etc. So, yesterday Mom and I found some great stuff and a lot of it was on sale. Even better!

I have been wanting a clock to put on this wall pictured, but I hadn't found one I really liked at a price I really liked. Regular price on this one was $60 and we got it for $30! I had also been wanting a table like this one to go there to put picture frames, etc on. So, we found this one that was $20 off! Then I found the lamp to go on it for only $13. Super steal!! Doesn't it look so pretty?! I'm not completely satisfied yet, because I've gotta find some other stuff to go on the table.

I also got this cute sign. It was on sale, too, and the minute I saw it I fell in love with it! It matches my colors perfectly! When I got it home, Gene asked me if I was afraid I was going to forget where the laundry room was! Ha! Very funny.

So, here's what it looks like together. Pardon the mess on the dining room table. I'd been working on laundry all day. The boys laundry, might I add because it was overflowing, and they hadn't come home yet to put it away!
I also got a quilt rack to hang all of our blankets on, because right now they just sit on the floor in between the piano and the floor. Not anymore! I haven't put them on it yet, and figured out a good place for it. It was on sale also!
After finally dragging our goodies out of Kirkland's we headed to the mall. We went to Children's Place and got Grace's Halloween costume...I'm sooo excited about it. It's the first one I found, and I never found anything I like better. I'm not telling you yet though what it is, I'll post pictures of her on Halloween! After that we hit Lane Bryant and I got some of Mom's Christmas already, but unlike me, she has to wait until Christmas!! I also got some jeans and some pants.
That just about wraps up our shopping. We were worn out by 7 when we finally left the mall. Mom followed us out to the house to unload our stuff and Gene got to hanging it!
I think I'm done now. I've got some more to talk about, but I'll save it for another post. Have a great Sunday!!


Shelly said...

I love your new pretties! I so wish I could decorate my house the way other women do! Instead, my husband does all the decorating in my house! :) Oh well, at least it gets done, right!?

I did discover a new thing at Kohl's today and looking at your new pretties, made me think of you. Over in the picture section at Kohl's, in these round tubes are written verses or sayings that you stick on the wall. When you put them on, it makes it look like you have written on the wall-it's really neat looking! They've got all kinds of sayings-some that have to do with love, laundry, fun, baby girls, baby boys, kids, etc. Anyway, just thought I'd let you know-check them out sometime!??