Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bubba Time!

So, I pulled up our pictures on the computer and was going to find one that I could post about and I found a folder titled "me and grace home alone....don't mix!! HAHA." Oh I laughed out loud! On Tuesday nights Gene trains with the other K9 after he gets off work so the boys are home with Grace. There was a high school basketball game last night though and the band had to play so Colt had to stay after school, therefore, it was just Corey and Grace until after 9 last night! Now Grace LOVES her bubbas. She misses them and talks about them when they're gone and squeals the minute they get home and walk through the door! They take such good care of her, and it's nice for her to be able to stay home and I don't have to worry about them. Corey kept sending me text messages last night telling me that she was being really clingy to him and just wanted to rock with him. I told him it was because she was so tired and just really missed her bubba! She hadn't seen them since last Thursday, and truth be told, they can't wait to get home to her either! So, I've decided to share some of the many pictures he took last night!

Is that not cute or what?! See that chocolate on her mouth?! Wonder where that came from....
These maybe?!?! Corey's a picture nerd.

You can see in the background the cookie in Grace's hand, and Layla's tongue sticking out thinking about that cookie!! Either that or she was tired of Corey taking her picture. Ha!

He loves taking pictures of himself like this. There are so many different ones similar to this on our computer it's not even funny! He's a goober.

More chocolatey lips! Please please please excuse the mess of the entertainment center! We are in desperate need of a DVD rack, because I can't stand the clutter that is our collection!

Corey, Layla, and Bear. Hmmm...American Idol anyone?!?!

Corey loves giving Grace a bath too and she loves it when he does it too because he'll let her sit in there and play forever and he plays with her bath toys with her! Too cute. My guess is...this is her saying "CHEESE!!" She always squinches (sp?) her face up and says it!
I just had to share that with you guys! It made my day this morning when I saw them. I love having 3 happy kids.....and 2 happy dogs.....and a happy husband!!!
P.S - I've actually lost closer to 8 lbs. I weighed myself at work on a scale that weighs closer to the one that we weighed in on and it said I'd lost 8-9 lbs!! Yay! I'm anxious to see what the one says Monday that we originally weighed in on!
P.S.S - I'll give you $5 if you guess what movie Grace and I are watching right now................... ;)


Shelly said...

Those are some funny pictures!

Tanner's half brother and sister love her as well. I think it's a really neat relationship they have. I cherish my friendship/relationship with my brothers!

LC said...

That's so sweet that she loves her brothers so much! I, too, am a picture nerd. I have pictures of EVERYTHING!