Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Few Random Things!

1. My child has become a fan of movies. Not tv shows. Movies. Musicals more specifically. She LOVES Mamma Mia! with a passion and we have to watch it at least once everyday. That's just with me in the mornings; she usually watches it again at night with either her Daddy or her Nana and Papa!! She's so funny too because she'll get down at her favorite songs and start singing along and dancing to the music. She also likes The Sound of Music because we watched that for the first time Sunday and same thing with the music! She used to never sit still long enough to watch anything, but now she'll usually sit through at least most of a movie that holds her attention and we're finding more and more that she likes!

2. It's already been a long mentally draining week at work and today is only my Wednesday. We had a bank robbery yesterday morning and then yesterday afternoon after my shift got there at 2 they located the suspect vehicle and ended up doing interviews with the occupants and then checking an apartment complex in our city for the main suspect that was still loose. I can't really go into it as of yet, but it was a MESS!! We had all but 3 of our officers helping the detectives that were out and there was just so much radio traffic back and forth on 3 different channels that I was trying to keep up with at once and vague information and it was just a headache. I don't think I've ever been so ready for 10:00 to get there! I also just started training one of our newer people on police side and training gets stressful. I love doing it, but at the same time it's tiring when you work the same radio position for 7-8 weeks teaching someone else how to do it. As I've posted before I like to be in control of every situation so I can assure it gets done and gets done right so having a trainee is difficult for me sometimes, because I have to refrain myself from just pushing them out of the way and doing it myself when it gets busy!! Anyways, it'll be fine!

3. I know everyone has been keeping up with Kelly's blog and aware of the updates on Harper, and I am just so amazed and in awe of God's power and the power of prayer. That precious little girl has so many people praying over her and for her right now, and she is a fighter! I know her Mommy and Daddy and grandparents are probably worn out, but they have all stayed strong for her too and the doctors say she should be just fine!! Mom and I are planning to drive to Tulsa on Friday to visit them and show our support!

4. I'm doing sooo good on my diet! It's been one week and one day and I weighed myself this morning and according to our scale I've lost 4 lbs. and that is really good for me!! Yay! I'm going to do really really good this week and absolutely no cheating because we weigh in again on Monday and our team has to be at the top!!!

5. I'm so glad that American Idol has started back up! I love love love American Idol, and am actually impressed so far by the new judge! I can't wait to see how it goes this year!

6. For our anniversary Gene got me a gift certificate from Arty-Crafty (a fabulous home decor store in the mall) and then for Christmas I got 2 gift cards from Kirkland's (another home decor store)!! I was so excited since I've started decorating our house. I mean it only took me almost 2 years to finally put some stuff on our bare walls! A couple of weekends ago Mom and I went shopping and I used both of my Kirkland's ones and part of the Arty-Crafty one. I have posted pictures below to show you my new stuff!!

This one hangs above our front door, and I bought it at Arty-Crafty! It says "Grow old with me...the best is yet to be.

I had been trying to figure out what to do over our fireplace because we have 22 ft tall ceilings in our living room and folks that is A LOT of bare wall!! I knew it had to be a big picture so that it didn't look tiny and out of place. Mom actually found this one at Kirkland's and I fell in love with it. I even got it on sale! I don't like the black and white pictures of the kids in the black frames because it kind of clashes with the brown, but Gene's going to take some new pictures of them in the sepia tone and get some brown frames so that it matches better. I got the "dream" and "home" from Arty-Crafty, and honestly didn't do it with the intention of spelling out "dream home" but it works! This is my dream home!

This cross I also got at Kirkland's and originally was going to put it over our bed, but it just didn't look right there so I put it on the other wall in our dining room. I plan to get some smaller ones to go up there with it eventually.

The "J" picture I got for Christmas and I had actually found it at Kirkland's and then Mom snuck back in later and got it so Granny could give it to us for Christmas!! The sconces I got at Kirkland's, and I think they just go perfectly!! Sorry about the glare, I couldn't keep the flash from causing it. The picture on the far left of the piano is one of Steve, Jennie, Gene, and myself on our Route 66 trip, then Coltster, then Tanner, then Corey, then Gene and myself at the pd Christmas party!

This obviously is the picture I picked out for over our bed! I also got it at Kirkland's! I'm very pleased with it! The color in this picture didn't turn out very good either, and I apologize, I am NOT by any means a photographer!! I'm not quitting my day job!! Ha!
So, those are my new pretties and our house is starting to really come together! Thank you Aunt Cathy and Steph for my Kirkland's gift cards...as you can see I put them to good use! Thank you honey for my Arty-Crafty one!!!
That's it for now! Have a great week!!


Bri Fields said...

Congrats on doing so well on your diet!!! That's awesome! What diet are you on?? I'm trying to find a good one!