Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm Hungry

We started "Biggest Loser" yesterday at work. I'm so hungry!
Everyone at the police department, court, city clerk's office, mayor's office, and City Attorney's office was able to form a group of 4 people and enter the competition. It was a $25 entry fee and the team that loses the most total weight wins the entry fee money.
Teresa, Stacy, Crystal, and myself make a team! We all work together on a daily basis and have all had the desire to lose weight. Enter perfect opportunity!! So...we embarked on the adventure yesterday. We all got weighed in and will have to weigh again in 2 weeks. I personally am doing a low calorie diet and cutting out all fast food, sweets, and coke. In all reality it's not really been that bad, however, we're only one and a half days in.
Please pray for me.
Sunday night and last night I had to work until 2 am because midnight shift is shorthanded right now so I've been tired the last 3 days. It hasn't really helped me stay strong....but I have held it together. Grace woke up at 7:30 this morning and I wanted to spend some time with her because I didn't get to see her at all yesterday. Gene works drug interdiction on Mondays and doesn't go in until 2 pm so he got up with Grace yesterday morning so I could sleep and he had taken her to my in-laws before I got up to get ready for work so I missed her all day. I was sooo tired this morning when I got up so I fed her and then made myself sausage and scrambled eggs (cooked with light butter might I add) and then I took her next door and I'm fixing to lay back down for a nap before work.
I just wanted to post about Biggest Loser because I'm going to be posting about my progress on here! Tomorrow when all 4 of us are back to work together we're going to take individual before pictures and then a group before picture and every 2 weeks when we weigh in we'll take pictures. I'm very excited about the prospect of losing weight and getting back into shape!!