Monday, February 16, 2009

Doctor's Visit

Grace's temperature never got above 99.5 this morning but I went ahead and scheduled her a doctor's appointment. After waiting for almost an hour to be seen, the doctor said she has some drainage in the back of her throat and a slight ear infection in her left ear. The infection isn't really bad, just a little redness so she went ahead and prescribed some antibiotics to knock it out!
I'm very much relieved and Gene is going to the doctor tomorrow because his fever keeps coming and going. So, hopefull by tomorrow afternoon they'll both be on the right road to recovery!

I'm taking off Thursday to do my major house cleaning for this weekend for Grace's party so I only have a 3 day work week this week and I'm super pumped about it!!!

Happy Monday...evening!


Tiffany said...

Hope Grace gets to feeling better!