Sunday, February 15, 2009


UPDATE: I just checked on Grace and her temperature was down to normal, but I went ahead and gave her more medicine to make sure it doesn't spike back up throughout the night. We'll check her again in the morning and if it does back up or she is still acting/looking sick then I'm scheduling her an appointment.

Well, I'm sitting here on the computer waiting for midnight to roll around so I can go upstairs and check Grace's temperature and give her some more Tylenol. My poor baby girl doesn't feel good and I hate it.

Gene is still not feeling good today and wasn't able to go to work this morning and we didn't get out of bed until 11 this morning. I was lazy around the house and didn't go pick Grace up till about 2:30 from Mom and Dad's. I had bought tickets to go see Larry the Cable Guy tonight back in December to give to Gene for our anniversary. We were both really looking forward to going, but he told me this morning that he wasn't going to feel like going. I was majorly bummed. So, I called Steph to see if she had plans and she didn't so she was my fill-in date!! More on that in a minute...

When I got to Mom and Dad's I could tell Grace didn't feel good and Mom said she'd been really clingy all day and she just wanted to sit in her lap. By the time we made it home her little eyes were all red around them and she just looked so pitiful. I gave her some Triaminic because she coughed a little bit. Gene actually was starting to feel somewhat better but definitely not good by any means. His fever had broken and his throat wasn't as sore but he said his chest was burning really bad and it felt like there was an elephant sitting on it. He also was incredibly weak and his whole body was sore. I felt so helpless cause I couldn't do anything to make it better.

Steph got here and we left around 6:45 to head to Barn Hill Arena for the show. Ok, first of all, I can never keep Barn Hill and Bud Walton straight so I wasn't exactly sure where we were going! We figured it out though by following the crowd of people! We parked WAAAAAAY down by Bud Walton though and walked ALLLLL the way up the hill to Barn Hill. It was freezing outside. I didn't have a coat. Smart I know! We made it in though after waiting in line for about 30 the freezing cold. The show was great!! I laughed so hard I was crying.

Right after it got started I checked my phone and had 3 new text messages from Gene. He was informing me that Grace had a 101.2 degree fever and he had given her some Tylenol. Oh boy. I started worrying about my girl and truth be told I wanted to leave right then to come home to her. But...I didn't. I put complete trust in her daddy to take care of her. He did! He put her to bed just before 9 and she's been out ever since. She's due for some more medicine at midnight so I'm going to go up and check her temp to see if she needs it. I'm really hoping she doesn't, but we'll see. I really don't want to have to wake her up but I also really don't want that fever getting up either.

Pray that she and Gene get to feeling better and that this week goes smoothly and everyone gets/stays well!!!