Monday, February 23, 2009

Early Birthday Presents!!!

I will be celebrating my 24th birthday this Thursday the 26th, but I've already received a couple of things! My grandmother flew in this past Friday from Ft. Worth, TX to stay with us and spend time with her only great granddaughter! I made a yummy meal Friday night of lasagne and Butterfinger Cake and Tanner came out and ate with us and to see Mema.

Mema had already given me a beautiful windchime that is made out of wood and it looks like it's even bamboo. I'm not typically a fan of windchimes, but this one is so unique and pretty and it has the softest prettiest sound so I can't wait for Gene to hang it ouside for me!

Tanner had called me when he was on his way and told me he had my birthday present, and that he couldn't figure out what to get Grace. I was totally expecting like a gift card to Old Navy or a CD or something. Boy was I wrong.....
He bought me an iPod Touch!!!!! I was so so so so excited!! I had been talking about how I wanted one, and he was up at work the other night when we were talking about it. I guess he was paying attention!! So far I have all of my music on it and I'm working on getting the applications I want. It has been so much fun to play with and learn how to use! It's like a little mini laptop because it picks up wi-fi so I can get on the internet too! Too fun!

I'm still at work, just waiting for 10 o'clock to roll around so I can go home! Hope everyone has had a good Monday!