Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Girl is 2!!!

I'm finally getting birthday pictures put on. Better late than never I guess! It's been a busy week for us! Grace's birthday was obviously Saturday and then mine was today so we've done a lot of celebrating! I'll go into more detail about mine at a later date because this post is all about my little girl!!!
Here's my big 2 year old! I can't believe my baby is already 2. My Mema (Dad's mom) flew in last Friday and was able to stay out here with us Friday and Saturday night and I was soooo excited that 1) she was able to come for Grace's birthday and 2) that she was able to stay with us and spend lots of time with her great granddaughter! My dad didn't know she was here, because she wanted to surprise him on Saturday when he showed up for the party. Boy was he surprised!! It was priceless!

Here's my little tiny hiney trying to sneak into her presents!! Mom and Dad bought her the little dollhouse bookcase, which I absolutely love! I have wanted one for her room since I first started seeing them, so Mom decided it would be a good gift from them.

Here she is again in front of her bookcase holding her little storybook bear (which is highly creepy by the way...sorry Mom!). I've got her room re-arranged now with her bookcase in there and I'll post some pictures sometime soon.

Here she is peeking out the window! She kinda likes it!

I didn't really have much of a theme this year, other than bright colors. Her little invitations were dye cut cupcakes and cute as buttons so I knew I was going to have cupcakes instead of a cake. So, I took an invitation into Shelby Lynn's in Springdale and told them I wanted cupcakes shaped into a "2" and the colors to match the invites. They did an excellent job! Mom and I went last Friday to Party City to find plates, tablecloths, etc. and found all the bright colors so we just mixed an matched! I was pleased with how it turned out!

Here's her "2"! Isn't it adorable? I was extremely pleased! We also made punch!

Here's Grace and her Mimi (Gene's mom) checking out her new Mini Cooper that Gene's parents got her. She loves the thing, but was a little destructive trying to drive it in the house! It was taken outside pretty quickly!

Just a snapshot of a few guests. Tanner brought his little girlfriend Katie with him so we could all meet her. We all told her she was incredibly brave for taking us all on at one time!! She handled it well though, and she's cute as can be! Granny and Courtney were able to drive up from Alma and I was so glad they were able to come!!!

Here's Mema and myself just checking things out. It got really packed and noisy in the house, and I was trying to remain calm!!

Here are three of my girls! Teresa, Steph, and Crystal. So glad they were able to come too! I work with Crystal at the pd and her daughter Abby will be 3 in July. I think Saturday was the first day she and Grace had ever really been around each other! It was cute to watch them play!

Present time!! She got so many great things. She got lots of new spring/summer outfits and a few great toys and some stuff for her room. Oh she also got like 5 new movies, which is great considering she loves watching movies!! Mom got her that little decorative pillow that matches her bedding!

More presents, and you can also see Katie and Tanner better in the background. Cute huh!?!

Why yes I'm a princess, thank you for noticing!!!

Time to blow out the candles...notice that was plural now :(.

Mmmmmmm......yummy cupcake!!!

Yea, she was pink for about 24 hours because of the icing!! It's ok though, she loved it!!

One of her presents from us was a little Dora umbrella, and once she figured out that it opens she carried it all over the place. As you can see below, even to the potty!!!

Ok, that's it! I actually have a ton more, but I tried to pick the best ones to post! I promise that Gene and Corey were there too but Corey was in charge of the camera so he was always behind it and Gene doesn't do crowds so he stayed back out of the way most of the time!!
The adorable little outfit came Friday afternoon from the Geren's in GA and it was absolutely perfect for her birthday outfit!! I'd been stressing about what to put her in, and hadn't had a chance to shop for a new one so when I opened her package from Aunt Cathy and saw it I knew it was perfect for Saturday and she just looked so precious!!! Thanks Geren family!!!!


Joyce said...

Corey did a great job with the camera! You need to put them on Wal Mart, his are better than mine.

The bear is not highly creepy!