Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

It's Saturday night and I've had a pretty good weekend. Yesterday I didn't do just a whole lot. Corey was home sick from school Wednesday, Thursday, and yesterday so we scheduled him a doctor's appointment. I ran him into the doctor then came back home to pick up Colt and we all headed into town to get my father-in-law a birthday present because yesterday he turned 59! Our only stop was Target and after finding a birthday gift we picked out about seven different outfits for Grace. You just can't beat $4 for a pair of shorts/shirt. Not only that, but it's super cute stuff! Gene had to work last night until ten so the boys and I wrapped Stan's gift when we got home then we all walked next door to give it to him. It's very rare that all three of the kids are still long enough for a picture, but last night I managed it!!

This morning the boys went to their mom's and we went next door to have lunch with Stan and Jeanette for Stan's birthday. After lunch Gene, Grace, and I headed to the mall to meet up with Mom to help her find some new glasses. She's decided to do away with her contacts and just wear her glasses full time, but she needed/wanted some new frames, so we found a CUTE CUTE CUTE pair today at Lenscrafters! I can't wait till they come in, and I know she's super excited too! Below is just a cute random picture of Corey and Grace!!

The boys met us up at the mall so we could do some clothes shopping with them for spring/summer, so while Mom, Grace, and I glasses shopped Gene took them to find some stuff. After we found the perfect pair of glasses we headed for Gymboree to spend a gift card Grace got for her birthday. She got the absolute cutest bathing suit and some cute little flip flops!! Mom also bought her some adorable bermuda shorts and a striped tank to go with them, but the shorts are too big so I'll have to take them back. :(
We also found some stuff for her at Children's Place and some shoes at Payless! That little girl is set for spring/summer now!! I just can't wait for the weather to get warm again so she can wear some of them!

After our whirlwind adventure at the mall we had to go grocery shopping. Yuck. Pretty sure it doesn't get much worse than a Wal-Mart trip with a 2 year old that is having some intense "2 year old moments!" However, hubs was with us so that helped! We accomplished all we needed to and ventured home. Previously mentioned hubs made us dinner then I cleaned up the kitchen and did laundry!
Gene ended up working outside with his dad clearing out brush and burning. Grace and I hung out inside and took a few pictures together. If you ask if it's ok for you to take her picture to put on the computer she's usually ok with it, so we've started using that line!! Anyways, we snapped a few decent ones!

Like I said, Grace has been having some intense "2 year old moments" and this has been a pretty rough week. I've lost my patience with her more times than I care to admit, and she has been spanked more times than she probably cares to admt. I've cried, she's cried, and overall I've just felt overwhelmed by her tantrums. I think there are several factors, including the time change, schedule changes this week and being off routine, not having a nap at all, possibly working on some 2 year molars, and generally being a 2 year old. I'm really hoping that this week is better. We'll see. The best stretch of time we've had was tonight while her daddy was outside and we were hanging out. She was in a good mood and minding, and I'm hoping that lasts. Right now though, I'm going to give her a bath and put her to bed. She's completely exhausted and should sleep good tonight!!
Pray for my patience and her 2 year oldness!!


Joyce said...

I'm telling you, it's just because she didn't get to stay with Nana and Papa this week!

Thanks for helping me pick out my glasses! I enjoyed our time at the mall. I hate that the shorts were too big. I hope you can find something to replace them.