Thursday, April 16, 2009

i'll just make a list

For whatever reason I haven't much felt like blogging recently. Partly because I don't ever seem to have any time I guess. So, I'm just gonna jot down a list of recent activities!

1. I've still been working out! Last night after work Teresa and I did some strength training for about 25 minutes and then we walked outside around the block the pd sits on for about an hour and 15 minutes. I bet we walked 2 miles. It was awesome!

2. Grace's face is sunburnt from playing outside yesterday with her Papa Johnson. He has a trike (3 wheel motorcycle) and we live up on the top of a hill on a dead end dirt road so he got it out yesterday and was taking her for rides up and down the road. She loved it!

3. I'm frustrated with several things at work. Obviously this is not the place to get into it, but there are so many times that I wish there was somewhere else I could go that paid as much and had all the benefits. Not only that but I already have over 4 years in at the pd and it would really stink to start over somewhere else. I absolutely LOVE what I do as a dispatcher and being able to help people but sometimes everything that goes with it is incredibly overwhelming.

4. I still have baby fever. A few of my friends are pregnant and Grace is getting so big and I just want another pregnancy and another baby.

5. A couple of really really good friends are separated right now from their husbands and are having some rough times. I hate hate hate to see people go through divorce and I'm hating it even more when it's people that I love. Please pray for them.

6. However, another one of my really good friends is getting married next weekend and I'm so excited for them!!

7. I got a really really cute new purse and matching wallet!

8. I've been tanning and finally getting some color!!

9. I'm super proud of my hubby and the daddy/husband/officer/man that he is.

10. My trainee at work is pleasantly surprising me and is doing really great in training! Yay for trainer and trainee!!

11. I have something super fun planned for May but I can't talk about it yet because it's a surprise to a certain someone!

12. I am so ready for the stinking weather to make up its mind. And when I say make up its mind I mean stay warm!!!

13. My 2 year old absolutely amazes me with her vocabulary and ability to communicate. I swear she acts like she's 4 already. Smart girl...just like her Mama!! ha!

14. This week is National Telecommunicator's Week so we've received really nice gifts from Washington County Sheriff's Office, Central EMS, and Fayetteville PD's dispatch centers!! It's been nice! The officers typically don't acknowledge dispatch until something goes wrong and they're looking for somewhere to place the blame. Whole other story.

15. I've had to work 2 12 hour shifts this week. One of them was Tuesday night and I had my buttons pushed by one of the midnight shift officers and I'm pretty sure he'll remember next time to follow through a little more!

I think that's it. I'm worn out from a long work week but today is my Friday!! I've got a busy weekend this week and next week I'll be helping Crystal with her wedding so the rest of April is busy busy busy!! I'm just ready for summer to be here already!


Bri Fields said...

I know how the work thing is, but Keep your head up! Things will work themselves out all on their own! Hope you have a fabulous week and weekend!

Shelly said...

I'm with ya on the work stuff, sister! We feel it down here too!