Monday, April 20, 2009

Busy Weekend!

I had a super busy weekend and I can't believe it's already time to go back to work. It started off early on Friday because I had to go up to the pd to have my picture taken for our employee board downstairs and the one that's up right now of me is horrible so I wanted to get a new one. After Capt. Peters did mine he let Grace get up there with me and he took some really cute ones of us together! He said he's going to get them to me so I'll post them when I can.

After that I got the oil changed in my car and met another really good friend, Brittni, for lunch at Guido's out in Tontitown! We had a good visit and she's going through some rough times right now so it was good to spend some time together. Brittni and I have been really really good friends since 9th grade and until I got moved into a Science class and forced to sit by her we didn't even like each other!! That didn't last long though and she's one of my closest friends now. She has a little boy, Jace, who is only one month younger than Grace so we're gonna try to meet up and take them to the park on Sunday to play!!

Friday night I went to dinner at TGI Friday's with some girls from work and we had such a great time! I don't ever get to spend any time with them outside of work so it was a nice change of pace. I had fully intended on getting home and being in bed early but after dinner we sat outside talking for 2 hours! Needless to say I didn't get home very early. Oh well, we had fun!

Saturday I shopped literally all day with Allie and Teresa! Gene left to ride his motorcycle so I dropped Grace off at her Nana and Papa's house to spend some time with them. I met the girls around noon and I didn't get home until almost 7 and had to take a super quick shower and turn around and leave again to meet back up with them to head to Crystal's bachelorette party!!

Here's me and the beautiful bride!! Crystal and I have worked together for over 4 years, but didn't talk or work on the same shift until about 2 and a half years ago when she moved to evenings with me. We pretty much hit it off and she's one of my best friends now!! I actually had a hand in hooking her up with her future husband. He's a firefighter in Springdale and she met him while she was doing the Citizen's Fire Academy. She came into work one day and told me she had a crush! Of course then she told me all about him and come to find out I had already met him when he did his 4 hour observation in dispatch during rookie school! So....I called over to the fire station to see what shift he worked and I was just going to talk to the Batallion Chief. Well, that didn't exactly work out because Dustin was the one who answered!! Ahhh! It was so funny cause I didn't know what to say then. I kept asking Crystal what to do but she was trying to give CPR instructions to a caller so she wasn't any help!! I finally just had to wing it and he ended up asking her out the next week! Here we are almost 2 years later and they're getting married Saturday!! Crystal also has an absolutely adorable little girl, Abby, who turns 3 in July!
Here's me and Allie while we were waiting for Teresa to meet us! I went to high school with Allie and we were NEVER friends and then when I started at the pd she was a dispatcher already and then 2 years ago she tested for patrol and is now an officer! We have become really good friends over the last year!! I just love that girl!!!

Here's my girls, Allie and Teresa! Teresa is my shift supervisor but we've also become really good friends! She actually was my first trainer 4 years ago when I started at the pd and we pretty much just hit it off from the very beginning! I adore her!

This is the cute cute cake her hostesses bought her with their soon to be initials on it!! Her wedding colors are blue and yellow so of course it was very fitting!!

And here's the bachelorette with her panty tu-tu on! Ha! It was a really fun game we played where every attendee had to buy and bring a pair of panties that they would wear and then Crystal had to pull them one at a time out of the bag and try and guess who brought them. If she got one wrong she had to wear it safety pinned to her the whole night! Needless to say she didn't get any right considering you don't typically see your girlfriends' panties! It was too funny though!!

I had a blast and enjoyed some awesome girl time with friends I don't usually get to hang out with! I'm so excited about Crystal's wedding this weekend and Teresa and I have already been promised to help with set up and decorating. Yea like I was upset about that. NOT!! Ha!

Hope everyone has a great week!!!!


Holly said...

LOL! That panty tutu is hilarious!