Sunday, April 26, 2009


Saturday got off to a rough start this weekend. My baby girl was having some trouble breathing and what sounded like severe congestion in her chest. I put her to bed around 9 Friday night and by 11:30 she was in bed with me because she couldn't sleep with her chest like it was. When she woke up around 7:30 it was worse and Gene and I decided to take her to the emergency room. I didn't know what was going on, but I knew there was no way I was going to take a chance with my sweet girl so off we went. We walked into the ER right at 8 am and walked out just before 1 pm. After waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting a little bit more the doctor came in and checked her ears and throat and listened to her lungs and said everything looked good and that she wanted some xrays done of her lungs/chest. So after we waited some more (surprising I know) we were finally taken back to have them done. Things sped up after that and the doctor ruled her lungs clear and that it was asthma that was causing her trouble. She prescribed an inhaler and a steroid for her to take. She slept with me again last night and today the chest and breathing sounds better but she's been sneezing like crazy and coughing a lot worse. I seriously hate it when my kids are sick. Especially with Grace because she's pretty helpless and I end up feeling helpless because I can't make it go away. We can use the inhaler on her every 4-6 hours though when her coughing gets bad and it actually really helped this morning. I cleaned house all afternoon today and of course stirring up the dust didn't help her sneezing but by the time she went to bed she had stopped and we used the inhaler again before bed. She is nestled up in her own bed tonight with 2 pillows under head to keep her elevated in hopes that she will be able to breathe better. I'm hoping we all get better rest/sleep tonight because the last 2 nights have been pretty rough.

As I have mentioned in a few previous posts, Crystal's wedding was also yesterday at 3. I was originally supposed to be at Kevin and Robin's (Dustin's parents) house to help set everything up for the reception at 9 yesterday morning and obviously I didn't make that and I was hoping against hope that Grace would be ok and that we wouldn't have a prolonged hospital visit. I was going to be bummed if I'd missed the wedding! No need to fear though because sweet girl was good to go and we made it home just in time for me to get showered and dressed and back in to the wedding. I don't have any pictures from the ceremony because I was only able to stay long enough to see her walk down the aisle and then for the opening prayer then Teresa, Heather, and myself had to leave and head to Kevin and Robin's to finish setting up the reception. It was so stinking windy yesterday and all the tablecloths kept blowing off and things were going everywhere but we got it all put together and done just in time for everyone to make it there! Whew!

Crystal looked absolutely beautiful and Dustin looked so handsome all cleaned up! Sgt. Kirmer arranged for some of our officers to give them a police escort from the church down to the reception and Crystal just LOVED that!! The guys were even able to hang out for a little bit and watch the toasts and cutting of the cake. The first picture was Teresa, me, Crystal, and Heather! Crystal was so relieved that everything went smoothly and as planned and finely took time to cut loose and relax at the reception! We danced our hearts out while the dj played!

As you can see in the background there were 3 big tents set up and they had a caterer that served several different finger food/appetizer types of foods. I should have taken some better pictures of decorations but I was too stressed out about making sure none of it blew away that I never got it done! Of course Hank had to be in on the escort and pay a visit to the newlyweds! Heather, myself, Allie, and Addie snapped a picture with him! Addie used to work with us in dispatch but she left back in the fall and now works at Benton County Sheriff's Office with her husband and she is expecting a baby girl, Paisley, in September. Oh yes, I just said September and she is already that big! I asked if she was sure there weren't 2 in there and she said no....we'll see!! And I absolutely love the name Paisley!! I was so glad she came so we could all see her!!

You can see the hanging plants behind Teresa and there were several of those hanging over the patio and also from the tents and they were all blue and white so they coordinated with Crystal's colors!

We had to have a picture of the PD people!! We all work evening shift except for Michael and Heather (the two on the far left) and Heather will soon be joining us!!

Rusty, Crystal, Hank, and Kirmer. Crystal was really happy that they got to be there for a little bit. I know....Kirmer is kind of crazy. We all call him "stir fry" or the "crazy asian!!!" He's so funny and always comes up to visit us!! He also won Supervisor of the Year this year at the Awards Banquet!

First dance as a married couple! You can see the dj set up in the background and the tablecloths that kept blowing away! There were originally 2 other tables like the one in the top right corner but they all ended up being taken inside because the wind kept knocking them over!

They were getting ready to cut the cake! The cake was a beautiful pale yellow with blue bows on it and the bows had daisies on them. Dustin's groom's cake had flames, a hydrant, and a fire hose on it! It was super cute! They were both soooo yummy!!

Here's me with the bride and groom!! Are they a cute couple or what?!?! I just love them both and am so happy for them! They are now in San Antonio on their honeymoon for a whole week!!
I've got stuff for a whole other post but it's going to have to wait because now I'm taking my tired behind to bed!