Friday, April 10, 2009

Where to start....

I'm just gonna go ahead and say this is probably going to be a lengthy post because it's the first opportunity I've had to get on and a lot is going on right now! So, either click that little x now or sit back and enjoy (maybe :))
I've posted some pictures in not really any particular order and I'm just gonna start with the fact that Gene and I bought a home gym last weekend that is now set up in the upstairs living room for us to work out any time we want. And yes, before you ask, we've both used it. More than once! I think I've said before that I've started working out after work on Tues, Wed, and Thurs with Crystal and Teresa at the pd and this was our third week! I've also worked out at home in the mornings doing weight lifting and strength training and mostly cardio and abs at night at the pd. I'm proud of myself for having drive and discipline. I'm hoping to stick with it for at least another 3 weeks then I'm going to start doing P90X. If you've never heard of it, it's a very intense 90 day home workout training system. I've read ALOT about it and watched a million and a half infommercials on it and Gene and I are both excited about doing it! However, since it is so intense I'm going to continue with my current workout routine for about the next 3 or 4 weeks to build up my strength and endurance so I don't get discouraged right off the bat with P90X when it kicks my butt! Ha!
We have just the right amount of room upstairs for the gym and the bench folds up and the sides fold in to where it's only about a foot wide when it's all folded up. Very handy. It does pretty much anything and everything. It's got several different attachments to do legs, arms, shoulders, back, abs, you name it and you can probably do it on this thing. I love it and the best part is that Grace can sit in the bean bag in the corner and watch her cartoons while I work out. There's a tv right beside where I was standing to take the picture. Oh, and by the way....we lost Biggest Loser! No big surprise there, but 4 other officers who were on a team together lost a combined weight of like 118 lbs. It was crazy and they blew everyone else out of the water! Oh well, I'm still trying to eat better. Especially now that I'm working out so much!

Ok, moving on from all of that. Two weekends ago, during one of those sparse nice days we've had this spring, Gene and I went to Lowe's and bought 12 Rhododendron shrubs and 2 hanging plants for the porch!! I was so excited! We have covered porches on the front and both sides of our house and the ground slants down fom the back to the front of the house so in the front there is about 3 ft space between the ground the the porch. I was not happy with the way it looks because it's so hard to get under there and flatten the ground and make it look nice. So, I told Gene that I wanted to get some kind of flowery shrub to plant along the front to hide all of that! Good idea huh?! Haha! Ahem. Gene agreed with me. Yay! So, we bought 6 bright red Rhododendrons and 6 purpley colored ones. Yes, I know purpley is not actually a word, but we'll just pretend it is!

Gene and Colt planted the little plants and they look kinda puney right now because obviously it will take a while for them to grow and expand but they already have blooms that are about to blossom! I can't wait to see how it looks!

Gene also built a garden in front of the house out of railroad ties and he's going to plant vegetables in it and he sectioned off a row in the very front of it for me to put flowers in that can be seen from the road. I've been a little aggravated though because this stinking weather can't make up it's mind. I guess that's Arkansas though! Hopefully someday soon it will get warm and STAY warm so we do all of our planting. Who knows.

So, I'm working on a landscape and body makeover and I'm keeping the faith that both go well.

Seriously, is my daughter not cute or what?! I just love that kid! I made cupcakes last weekend and she (of course) started asking for one the minute I started making them! She kind of likes to eat. No clue where THAT came from. Ha! We've, or she's, been doing better on the whole "I'm 2 years old and I like to throw tantrums and not do what I'm told and scream and yell when I don't get my way and potty in my panties and then look at mommy and smile!" issue. Most days anyways. It's a work in progress right? Or so I'm told. We'll see! I still love her. Even in her 2 year old moments.
Colt had solo and ensemble yesterday at school and they got a one and two twos which is really good and he was super excited!! He plays the saxophone in the band. That boy loves music like no other! I'm gonna have to record him playing the piano this weekend so I can post it on here. Corey stays busy going to the movies or the mall or here or there and is absolutely crazy about his sister! Well they both are! I love that Grace has 2 big brothers that love her so much!
Gene has been working interdiction full time out on the bypass and has some crazy hours right now but they're hoping to get all the sheduling issues ironed out soon and get on somewhat of a regular routine. Right now it's been good because he's off on the weekends and he loves that so he's home with us. He's been really wanting some warm weather to get out and ride the bike. Truth be told so have I!!
I've also been keeping up with sweet Stellan and praying for his little heart to be healed. I've come across so many new blogs recently where people have suffered such loss and are hurting and it just breaks my heart. However, everyone of them I've read is such an inspiration too because they are so strong in their faith and trust in God and it's amazing to me. I'm a Christian woman and have been lacking majorly in my walk with Christ and have prayed so much lately that God would help me get back on track and back into church and to be a light to my family and reading these blogs help me with that because I see what amazing things He does for so many and if you have a spare moment and happen to be thinking about me would you just pray for me? I would so much appreciate it and I'm hoping that Gene will go to church me and Grace this Sunday to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior!
I hope that everyone is doing well and if you've hung in there with me for this then you rock!!!