Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Ok, so I'm going to attempt a "Not me! Monday" that was established by MckMama as a fun blog carnival!! Alright, here goes nothing..........

I am so not apprehensive about my first "Not me! Monday" post and I'm most definitely not hoping that people actually read it and understand it and possibly enjoy it!

I also did not bake a yellow cake this morning to put chocolate frosting on to take to work and I totally don't have the intention of having at least 2 pieces before the end of my shift. No way!
And I oh so did NOT let my 2 year old have an ink pen to play with and I did not then allow her to actually play with it...without the lid on and therefore leading to a non-spanking when she started trying to eat it. Nope!

I didn't say yes to my in-laws either when they asked me if Grace could go with them to Muskogee, OK this Friday for the "Renaissance Festival" with her brothers because I most definitely NEVER need a break from the joys of the "terrible twos!" Are you crazy?! Seriously, who doesn't enjoy every waking moment of that?!

Ok, that's about all I'm willing to admit on this particular Monday and I hope that you all join in the fun! You can hop on over to MckMama's blog and check hers out as well as add your "Not me! Monday" post to Mr. Linky and be entered to win an awesome prize!!!