Friday, May 8, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday!!

So Kelly, over at Kelly's Korner has started "Show Us Where You Live Friday" and each week is a different room tour. Now last week was actually the first week and it was kitchens but last week was so busy that I never got a post done so I've compiled last week with this week, which is living rooms so I cleaned house today and I took some pictures when I got done to share!! I hope you enjoy them and you should check out Kelly's blog where other bloggers have added links to their home tours also!

The color of the pictures didn't turn out great, but this is our kitchen and I took this one standing in front of the piano on the far end of the living room. Gene built our house by himself and we designed the floorplan together. Ok.....he designed it and I just approved of it!! Our kitchen, dining room, and living room are all open and I love that about it.

This one was taken from in front of the tv in the living room. The cabinets are oak and I love love love having the island because it gives us so much extra cabinet/counter space.

Our kitchen colors are red and black. Obviously all the appliances are black and then our coffee pot, blender, canisters, and coffee mugs are all red. Mom bought me the matching canisters and coffee mugs from Kirkland's!

Our blender and coffee grinder. Aunt Cathy bought us the blender for Christmas last year and I couldn't find a red coffee grinder. Gene and I have both become big coffee drinkers and it's so much better freshly ground.

Our red coffee pot that Granny bought us for Christmas this past year!

And another shot. The refrigerator is covered with pictures and Grace's little magnetic farm with all the animals. There is a window over the sink and I don't have any blinds or curtains on it because I still haven't found anything I like. The front door is on the far right. Grace has also figured out how to climb up on the barstools and then all the way up onto the island. Awesome.

Ok, here's the living room. This one was taken standing in our bedroom doorway. Like I said, it's all wide open. Please excuse my shirtless husband playing Wii golf. He's obsessed and plays it for at least an hour and a half to two hours a day! No lie.

Taken standing in the kitchen. We don't have a coffee table or regular end table because we didn't want to get one until Grace was big enough that we didn't have to worry about her hitting her head or anything on it. I'm hoping that someday soon we'll get one. You can see the piano and we really do have a piano bench, but it pretty much stays upstairs in Colt's room with his electric piano. I also have the quilt rack beside the fireplace that I got on sale at Kirkland's! Also the baby gate.
Another view of the stairs and we have 22 ft high ceilings with the low hanging ceiling fans.

Overview of the living room and kitchen. I took this one standing on the landing of the stairs. I should have taken one with the curtains closed but I didn't. We don't have blinds in any room and the curtains on the big window are cream colored and brown and when they're closed it's a cream colored one then a brown then cream and then brown again. The area rug came from Lowe's. Our hardwood floors are real bamboo and I love having them, but I definitely don't love sweeping and mopping them!!

We have two living rooms and this is the upstairs one that the kids use. Well, now it's sorta been converted into a workout room! We have another big bean bag but it's now in Corey's room.

This one was taken standing in Corey's bedroom doorway. You can see the half wall on the left and you can look over it down into the downstairs living room.
Well, that's it! Our kitchen and living room! I hope you enjoyed the tour and don't forget to check out Kelly's Korner and all the other living room tours!