Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Recap

I had a wonderful 3 day weekend!! Friday Grace and I ran errands all day and Saturday around noon I dropped Grace off at Mom and Dad's house because Gene and I were planning to leave for Little Rock around 2 for the Kenny Chesney concert!!

I came home, showered and got ready, and we left around 2:15. I made Colt take a picture of us before we left!!! We made really good time getting there but took an exit we shouldn't have and ended up in a bad part of town. Yikes! It pays to have a cop as a husband...I definitely felt safe! Anyways, we ended up just parking at Alltel Arena and then walked downtown and ate dinner. We made it back and to our seats by 6:45 and the concert got started at about 7:25 with Lady Antebellum! I wasn't really a big fan of them until last night! They did an awesome job and we listened to their cd on the way home! They only played for about 30 minutes and then Miranda Lambert came on! She was awesome too and was definitely an entertainer! She performed for 45 minutes and then there was about a 30 minute break before Kenny Chesney came on. He was absolutely amazing!!!! I can totally see how he won Entertainer of the Year so many years! He was moving around all over the stage and he performed for an hour and a half. It was such a great concert and I'm so glad that Gene and I were able to go together! He really really enjoyed it too! Our seats were close to one of the exits so as soon as it was over we headed out and were back on the interstate within about 10 of it ending so that was very nice not having to wait in traffic! We left right at 11 and were home just before 2. We were both completely exhausted and crashed fast. I slept until 11:3o today!

After I got up and around I went outside because Gene was checking on the garden and he ended up getting out the chainsaw to cut down some limbs that were blocking the sunlight from hitting out garden. We got that all cleaned up and I headed into town to drop Colt off at the mall with his friends and then I went to pick up Grace!! I hung out at Mom and Dad's until time to pick up Colt and then after I did I had to drop him off at Barn Hill Arena for one of his friend's graduation! Gene and Corey had run to town to get more seeds for the garden and then Gene dropped Corey off with Colt at the graduation. I'm telling ya, those crazy teenage boys keep us busy busy!! Grace and I finally made it home and Gene hung out in town waiting until time to pick the boys up. Grace was playing in her dress up shoes and she kept telling me "take a pitcher of dis!" and it was sooo funny! She'd stick one foot out then the other with her shoes on then her hand and her sippy! She's such a mess.

Full length shot of the dress up shoes! She just loves them and walks around the house "clacking!" Typically she'll put them on the wrong foot so we've been working on getting them on the right one!!

We had plans to have dinner at Steve and Jennie's house tonight and originally the kids were going to go with us but Grace ended up falling asleep around 5, right before Gene and the boys got home, so the boys stayed home with her and just Gene and I went. My dorky husband thought he had to wear Corey's hat over there to show Steve! I actually thought it looked pretty good on him!

Gene and Jennie sitting outside waiting for Steve to finish grilling our dinner!! It was such a beautiful day and it was so nice to sit outside for a while visiting.

Steve dubbed himself the "Grill King" because the steaks and vegetables turned out so yummy!! He marinaded the steaks in terriyaki sauce and Jennie cut up potatoes, squash, zucchini, and green peppers and wrapped them in foil with butter and Steve grilled them. It was delicious!!! I ate till I felt like I was going to be sick!

The "Grill King's" work! Not only did we eat all that but Jennie also had stuff for strawberry shortcake so after our dinner had settle for a little bit we had yummy dessert!

Steve is Gene's motorcyle buddy so of course here was bike talk! Steve just bought a new one so we were admiring it! The white and black ones are both antiques and then the red one is his new one and it's a 2003 Harley Davidson Road King. He's incredibly happy now having a garage full of bikes!

The best part was being able to ride the bike over to their house!! It was the first opportunity I'd had to ride this year and it was awesome!! Gene and I have been together for almost 4 years and he's had 3 different motorcycles during that time and I had never ever even been on a bike until last July right before we left for our Rt 66 trip with Steve and Jennie...on the bikes! Now...I'm in love with riding. I have really been wanting to ride since the weather got warm but we'd not had a chance and the rain wasn't helping anything either! So, I was way excited to ride tonight! I will say though that it was a cold ride home. The temperature had dropped to the upper 40s and that is chilly willy on a motorcycle at night! Luckily they don't live to far from us so it wasn't a long trip. I was ready to get in and into my warm pjs!
Overall, it was a wonderful weekend and my husband and I were able to spend some good quality time together. With 3 kids that doesn't happen very often! Tomorrow it's back to work but only through Thursday and then Friday I'm cleaning house and packing because Mom, Grace, and I are going to Granny's house Friday night then leaving early early Saturday morning with Courtney to head to Atlanta, Georgia for my cousin JT's graduation!!!!! It was a last minute decision to go and I'm so very excited that we're getting to. We usually only get to see the Geren's 3 or 4 times a year so they're thrilled we're coming! It's my mom's sister, Cathy, Uncle Greg, Megan, and JT!! It's going to be a long drive but well worth it. We'll get there Saturday evening, JT's graduation is Tuesday night, and we'll have to drive home Wednesday. This week at work is probably going to go slow since I'm so excited about the trip!!! Oh well.
I hope everyone had a great weekend!!