Monday, June 8, 2009

doggy baths & trampoline tricks

Last week Gene decided that it was time for Aros (K9) to get a bath! Oh boy. He is not a fan of all! He's got so much hair though and sheds so bad Gene thought the bath would help some with it.

He had to tie the long leash to this tree to tie him up to and while he was bathing him Colt and Grace searched for frogs. They kept finding little bitty ones and Grace just thought that was the neatest thing!

Note the muzzle on his mouth...I told you he doesn't like baths! If he didn't have that thing on the hose would be no more! He actually did really good and stood still the whole time just whimpering. I felt bad for him but he sure smelt better afterwards! I dread having to ride in Gene's patrol car because it smells so bad of dog, but I suppose it's a little hard to avoid when he rides in there 5 days of the week and you can't exactly bathe him everday!

Oh so much better! Once he was off the leash he took off shaking out through the yard and playing with Layla.

Once Aros was back up it was Layla's turn. She looks so small after seeing Aros there! She didn't have to have the muzzle and she did really well too by just standing still the whole time.

She's such a good dog, but she stays outside when nobody is home and during warm weather she'd rather be outside than in. The bad part is that when she gets hot she runs to the pond next door and takes a little dip. Yuck! She always comes home so nasty after doing that then chasing squirrels all over the place! She was much better after her bath too!

Ok, switching gears to a little trampoline time! Grace absolutely LOVES to jump on the trampoline and would stay out there all day long if we would let her. Especially now that we have an outdoor stereo system and can listen to music she really loves it!

She now has a new "trick!" It basically consists of her landing on her bottom with her feet in front of illustrated in the above picture!

A definite good thing about her jumping so much is that it wears her plum out so she usually goes to bed early!! However, last night was not so great. She was still up when I got home from work, which never happens because she is usually in bed by 9 but last night she was. She did NOT want to go to sleep. I took her back upstairs to bed after I changed and got ready for bed and was up there for an hour waiting for her to go to sleep. Finally she gave it up and I went to bed a little after midnight, only to be woken up a litte after 3 to Grace yelling for me. Fabulous. I went up there and sat rocking her for a few minutes then tucked her back in and she was back out within about 5 minutes. Whew. I went back to bed....and woke up again at 6:15 to her yelling for me again! Gene was already up getting ready for work though so he went and got her and put her in bed with me and she was back asleep by the time he left for work. We didn't wake up that time till 9:15. Thank goodness! I'm still a wee bit tired though just because my sleep was all broken. I don't know what the deal was, but hopefully tonight is better! It's my Wednesday at work and the boys will be home tonight from their mom's, where they've been since last Wednesday!! Yay! Of course then they leave on Thursday to go on vacation with my in-laws and will be gone for 2 stinking weeks. I don't know what I'm gonna do without them. I'm already ready for them to be back home!!


Jennifer said...

Look at her on that trampoline! She is cute as a button! Just found your blog