Saturday, June 27, 2009

Soaking Up Some Sun!!

The past few summers I have only gone swimming about 3 times. Sad I know, but I don't know anybody with a pool and there was no way I was taking my kids to the Springdale Aquatic Center because it's always so so crowded and I knew it wouldn't be much fun. So, early this week I remembered that Prairie Grove has an aquatic park also that was supposed to be much better than Springdale's. Gene told me he and the boys used to go all the time a few years ago so I decided that yesterday I would take the kids. However, I needed a swimsuit, so we made an Old Navy run Thursday and I was able to find one that I like. The best part is it was on sale so I got a $40 swimsuit for $10!! Can't beat that! I also found Grace a little cover-up and I found me one at Wal-Mart. The pool doesn't open until noon so the plan was for me to be done with my errands yesterday morning in time to be at the pool by noon. Well, that didn't work out so well, which was ok because I'm sure it was really crowded then.

We ended up not getting there until right at 2 and there were quite a few people there but not real bad, and we were able to find some chairs under a pavillion by the kiddy pool so it was shady. We all got coated with sunscreen and took off for the water! I bought Grace some floaties but they didn't work very well so we ended up taking them off and one of us just held her. The best part about their pool was that the big main one starts out like a beach where it's just super shallow and you can just sit in it then it gradually slopes to the deep end, which is still only 5 ft, so Corey and I hung out a lot up there while Colt and Grace walked and swam back and forth. It was perfect for her because there was a huge area where Grace could walk and play without having to be held. She absolutely loved it!

Colt got all of his hair cut off yesterday! He got it cut while they were in Florida last week but the girl who did it didn't do a very good job so yesterday he went with me to get my eyebrows done and Salwa fixed it for him! He wanted it short enough to spike on top and his hair hasn't been this short since Gene and I first got together almost 4 years ago. He actually was really pleased with it and I think it looks great!

Corey thinks he's a stud muffin in his sunglasses!! While he and I were sitting in the water this little boy came up to us and asked Corey what his name was. Instead of answering he just looked at me so I told him his name was Corey! The kid floated off to a group of girls who then started giggling and looking over at us! As if that wasn't funny enough, about an hour later the same kid came back up to us and asked how old he was. I just started laughing and Corey, without skipping a beat, said "I'm 18." What?! I just looked at him and started laughing even harder!! The kid apparently believed him because he toddled off and told the girls! The whole rest of the day the girls kept walking back and forth in and out of the water past us trying to get Corey's attention. It didn't work. He wasn't interested, but it was just too funny!

I am absolutely in love with this picture of the kids!! We have very few pictures of all of them together and I was able to get them all to cooperate long enough yesterday to get a couple and this one was the best one! I'll be framing it!

Isn't Grace's swimsuit adorable?! One of my friends from work bought Grace a giftcard to Gymboree for her birthday and when I went to use it they had just put out the summer stuff and I found this swimsuit. Too cute and she just had to have it! Every hour on the hour the lifeguards blow a whistle and everyone has to get out of the water for a 5 minute break, which is a good thing, because it was easy to get Grace out of the water to get more sunscreen on her. Of course as soon as she saw everyone else getting back in the water she'd look up at me and say "I wanna go schwimmin 'gen!" It was quite the struggle getting her out of it when it was time to leave!

I love this one of me and Grace too because of the black and white! I think I'll frame it too! We really did have a blast at the pool and even though it was over 90 degrees outside it was the perfect weather because while you were in the water it was awesome and then when we were out it was good because being wet kept us cool plus the shade was cool!! Mom was going to go with us but couldn't bring herself to get out in the heat. I told her it was perfect though and she's decided next time she'll be joining us!! I'm hoping maybe next week again!