Friday, July 17, 2009

A (Base)Ball & A Work Out

Yesterday Mom, Grace and I drove down to Alma to stay at Granny's because my Aunt Cathy (Mom's sister) is in town from Atlanta. We didn't get down as early as we originally planned because I was cleaning house and that ended up taking longer than I anticipated. Nevertheless, we made it down around 2:30 and Grace absolutely loves coming to her Granny's house!

Grace definitely inherited her daddy's love of outdoors. That child would be outside all day everyday if we would let her. It was raining when we got here so after it stopped raining and the skies cleared Grace was ready to go outside with Granny. So off they went! Granny had pulled out her broom to sweep some of the leaves and sticks off of the patio and some rugs to sit on the wet swing. Grace decided she could do a better job I guess than Granny so she confiscated the broom and went to work!

She got bored pretty quickly with the broom and just started running back and forth up and down the little hill in Granny's backyard. Aunt Cathy made some terriyaki chicken, salad and fried okra for dinner that was yummy and I did so good sticking to my diet!!

Before we ate dinner Grace and Granny were talking money and Grace was using her coasters as $5 and $20 bills! She kept buying stuff and then Grace would have Granny sign like it was a credit card receipt and while Granny was signing it she would say "I'm signing it Ruby Ball" and they were practicing Granny's real name. About 30 minutes later while we were eating dinner we were asking Grace what Granny's real name is and she looked confused so we all said "Ruuuuby" and she said it after us then we asked what her last name was and she said "Baseball!!" How funny is that?! We just started cracking up, so now Granny is Ruby Baseball instead of Ruby Ball!!

Since our whole family has started exercising and working out more Grace always has to be right in the middle of it and last night she decided it was time for her and Aunt Cathy to do their workout! they are doing "crunchies" as Grace calls it! I had a really funny video to upload and I tried several times and couldn't ever get it to load. They did crunches, leg lifts, push ups and leg lifts! Of course, I think Aunt Cathy was doing all the work!! After they started their second set of crunches Grace just stood up, put her hands on her hips and said "I'm done!"

I had a really cute picture of them together that I literally just managed to delete. Frustrating. Anyways, I'll post it later with some pictures from our lunch at Cracker Barrel earlier today. Granny had a stress test done at the hospital this morning and then Grace and I met them for lunch. Now we're just hanging out at the house relaxing!