Monday, July 13, 2009

No Destination

Gene and I decided on a whim yesterday to take a motorcycle ride since I had the day off. Normally Steve and Jennie go with us but Steve wasn't able to take the day off because he's been the only one in the tattoo shop this week due to Billy being out of town, so Gene and I drove it alone!

We really had no specific destination in mind but headed out east and ended up travelling through 5 different counties and just under 200 miles in about 5 hours. It was such a great ride. We drove along the Mulberry River, along White Rock and through several small country towns that, to be honest, I could not even tell you the names of because we never saw signs!

After we made our 50th turn onto an unkown highway (not much exaggeration there!) I said to Gene "I think we're lost!" To which he replied, " You can't be lost if you don't even have a destination or know where you're going!" Dang. He got me there! However, I was beginning to wonder a little bit if we'd end up in a completely different state without even realizing it. We didn't. Thank goodness. We ended up literally running right into I-40 about 40 miles south of Fort Smith. We had travelled a long distance and ended up making a huge circle by the time we made it home.

The timing and location actually ended up being perfect because it was about 1:30 when we got onto I-40 and we would go right through Alma, where Granny lives, so I told Gene we needed to stop and surprise them because Aunt Cathy is here from Atlanta. So, that's where we headed and luckily they were at the house when we pulled up!! You just never know with Granny..especially when Aunt Cathy is here. They are busy girls!! They were very surprised to see us and it was a great water and a/c break for us! We stayed and visited for almost an hour before heading on home. I don't have any pictures from our adventure but I'll be sure to take the camera on our next one!

The boys were gone to the movies and Grace was gone with my in-laws to my brother-in-law's house when we got home so I was able to get showered, laundry going, and stuff together for dinner while Gene washed the motorcycle.

Steve and Jennie came out to join us for a yummy dinner of grilled pork steaks, green beans, mashed potatoes and fried squash and everyone made it back home all in time to eat! It was a wonderful day and by the time my head it the pillow I was flat worn out!!