Friday, July 31, 2009

This is how we do it...

Today was supposed to be a lazy day of doing absolutely nothing. Supposed to be. Instead, I was on the go most of the day! Mom, Dad and Tanner got out here to the house at about 8 this morning to pick up Grace and head to Ft. Worth. They're spending the weekend at Mema & Papa's house and seeing family that lives there. Gene had to work at 8 this morning so after Grace left I was here all by myself. It was so nice! I had planned to lay back down after Grace left because I went to bed late last night but I was too awake to do that. So, I watched part of the Today show and Gene called me about 4 times within about 45 minutes. He had asked me to run to Walgreen's and pick up his prescription and then take him his shotgun because he had to qualify today.
Remember....supposed to be.
So, I ended up showering and leaving the house just before 11. I met Gene and Ti (the county
deputy Gene works interdiction with...and yes that's really how he spells his name because his real name is Tion) at Oseguera's for lunch and to give him his gun then after that I ran to Walgreen's. After I picked up his prescription I was walking back through the store and walked past some tote bags. There was one that caught my eye and after looking closely at it I saw that it was only $5!! Woohoo! And it was so super cute! They only had one of them so I bought it!
I was going to go home then but instead decided to drive up to Springdale and take my new bag to Bella's to have my name monogrammed on it!! I had been texting Mom back and forth checking on Grace and I had told her about my bag. She had said she'd like to have one so I ran in the Springdale Walgreen's since I was passing right by it and they ended up having one just like it! Only one again. So I bought it for her!
Then I really did come home. I had planned on making a cajun chicken pasta for dinner and then Gene called me and said that after he qualified he had to go up to Arvest Stadium to do a dog demo at the Naturals baseball game. They were having a dedication night to heroes and wanted a demo by the K9's. So....Gene ran home, picked me up, drove to Springdale so he could qualify, then to the pd to have his car washed and then out to Arvest Stadium!
What started out only being one of our K9's there ended up being 5 dogs total! Gene & Aros, Chamberlin & Aldo (our other one), Robin & Blecky (from Fayetteville PD), Ti & Yari (from Washington County SO) and Joe & Koty (also from Washington County SO). There was a parade first of several different emergency services vehicles and all the K9 vehicles went in last. We all stopped along center field and they took turns doing demos. Joe & Koty went first and did some dope work. They had laid out 3 suitcases and one of them had drugs in it. Koty did a passive alert by sniffing all of them and then just lying down next to the one with drugs in it. Then Chamberlin & Aldo did dope work. Aldo does an aggressive alert, which means when he finds the one with drugs in it he starts scratching and barking and biting at it.

Gene and Aros went next with bite work. Joe had put on the bite sleeve and Aros sent him in to attack. He did great and backed off the first time Gene called him off and then Gene sent him in again. He did great!! After Aros was up, Robin went for Blecky. Robin wasn't even able to get the leash on him, he just shot out of the truck and after the decoy (Joe) which actually turned out awesome because it looked incredibly real! He called off quickly then Robin did the pat down. While Robin was patting down the decoy Blecky was lying in front of him. Blecky isn't supposed to do anything but watch unless the decoy (which obviously is usually the bad guy) moves then he bites again. Well, the decoy moved so Blecky attacked again. Very cool. However, you couldn't pay enough to be the decoy and wear the bite suit!

Anyways, after Blecky went Ti & Yari went. Now, they did it a little differently. We had a pickup out on the field and Joe was sitting in the driver's seat with the window rolled down. Ti was yelling at Joe to get out of the car and Joe was yelling at Ti. After Joe didn't comply Ti sent Yari in. Yari grabbed the sleeve and literally pulled Joe out of the window of the truck. It was crazy to watch!! Those dogs are sooo strong!

We had the option of staying for the game but decided not to. We were both hot after standing outside for so long and ready to eat dinner and come home. So we brought Aros home then went back into town to eat dinner. We made it back home and I showered while Gene mowed the lawn. Now I'm sitting on the couch and about to fall asleep!

My day was alot more eventful than I had originally planned on it being but it was a fun day. I didn't have to worry about taking care of kids and just kind of did my own thing. Plus I got to spend alot of my day with my husband in a different atmosphere than we usually do. I love watching him as an officer and especially as a K9 handler because it's so amazing to me. He's so good at what he does and Aros is such a good dog and people are just in awe of them!

The pictures that I posted are actually from this past Tuesday night while they were training. All the area K9s train together on a weekly basis and this week they decided to do water bites. It's not something they do often but need the practice because you never know when it might happen in real life. Gene had taken our camera and got some really cool shots of the other dogs but there's way too many to post on here so I'll just share my favorite team with you!!! The fist one is of Gene taking off Aros's leash off and telling him to attack and bite (only they use a German word that I have no idea how to spell!!). The second one is, of course, Aros bounding through the water and the third is of the bite.

Like I said...craziness. The dogs are amazing and all of the K9s in this area are imported dogs. Aros, who is a German Shepard, is from the Netherlands. I know for sure that Yari and Aldo, who are also both shepards, are from Hungary. Robin's dog Blecky, is a solid black shepard, but I'm not sure where he's from. Joe's dog Koty is actually a Belgium Mallemaulle and they are the fastest stinking dogs. Gene said they can run upwards of 40 mph and both they and shepards are insanely strong. They are just an amazing breed of animal.

I love being a part of the law enforcement world, most of the time!