Tuesday, August 4, 2009

finally making time

I have not been very good about posting lately. It's been pretty busy though and this past week has been all off routine. Grace and the boys were gone all weekend so Gene and I spent some good quality time together!

Saturday morning we got up around 9 or so and Gene made a yummy breakfast. I started my period (sorry if you didn't want to know that!) right afte I got up so of course I started cramping and didn't feel so hot. Gene decided after we ate though that he wanted to take Layla out to Devil's Den. I had no intentions of going but he was able to talk me into it. I'm glad I did though, it was alot of fun!! It rained on us on the way there and I was afraid it would rain the whole time but it stopped before we got out there and was pretty the whole time. The rocks were all slick though so we had to be very careful walking!

Layla had an absolute blast and was loving being in the great outdoors. She would have loved it even more if we'd let her off the leash but I'm pretty sure she would have been long gone chasing squirrels!! If you live in Northwest Arkansas and have never visited Devil's Den you definitely should. There are several different park areas, swimming areas, hiking trails, campgrounds, just all kinds of stuff to do and it's so pretty!! This bridge is right in front of what is sometimes a waterfall if there has been enough rain. Obviously, Saturday there wasn't one.

We also came across this awesome bench they had made out of big cedar trees. It was so neat and they built it to where it faces the waterfall. Further down the trail there was a chair built just like it!! We were out there for about an hour or so and then headed back home. We drove the back way the whole way home and just enjoyed the beautiful countryside and the time together to talk. Gene grew up out here and knows everything about everything about the country!!
After we got home Gene grilled some bratwursts and some squash!! We ate and then showered and went in to see Transformers and it was amazing!!! I loved it and I think it was even better than the first one!! Gene was craving some Shake's ice cream after the movie so he pulled through the drive thru and I just had a small concrete and felt like I was going to be sick because I hadn't had that much sugar in a while!
Mom called after we got home so we got to talk to Grace for a little bit and then I went to bed before 10 o'clock which never happens! Sunday I was back to work and Gene took the boys school clothes shopping.
Grace made it home last night around 6 and I was so happy to see her this morning when she woke up!!! Teresa and I went and ran last night and I go back to the doctor on Monday so I'm hoping I can lose another 5 lbs this week!!
I hope everyone had a good weekend!!


Nic said...

Don't you just love how mother nature always shows up at the worst time?!?

Nic said...

Didn't know your mom was a teacher in Springdale! My aunt and cousin teach their also!! Small World!