Thursday, October 15, 2009

Four Generations Weekend!!

This is going to pretty much be a picture post with a few snippets about our last few days!

I am enjoying a 3 day weekend and Mom had taken all of this week off to come stay with Granny so I decided Grace and I would also come down to spend some time with them. Us girls usually have a big time together and this time has certainly not disappointed! When we got here yesterday Grace was back in the bedroom and came walking out with a new baby doll Granny got her. It's a bathtime baby so she and a few toys she came with can get in the bath with Grace. She loves it!

The first thing she does is take the little diaper and shirt off of it. I don't know why she can't leave clothes on her babies!

We've spent alot of time out on Granny's new deck and luckily today the weather was beautiful! Last night we went out for a little bit because it had dried mostly from all the rain we've been having recently. Granny started sweeping all the leaves off and Grace decided she needed to take over!

Grace had just woken up from a nap and went to her Nana's lap first and then decided she'd rather snuggle with Granny! I think they kinda like each other!! I love this picture!

I'm pretty sure we may have a photographer on our hands because anytime Grace can get a camera in hers she starts snapping away! She took this one of Mom last night. Decent ones are few and far between. They usually are of her feet or a big blur but every now and then she'll snap a good one! So far the two she's managed to get anything in have both been of her Nana!

She was excited to take a bath with her baby and spent all of bathtime talking to her and scrubbing her clean!

This one was taken this morning while we were sitting outside after breakfast. Grace would literally stay outside ALL day if we would let her! The sun came out today and it was a blessed sight!

The other one Grace snapped of her Nana, and she is going to kill me for posting this on here!! I think it's cute....she doesn't agree with me though!

I really think sometimes my daughter should have been born a boy! She is such a tom-boy and loves climbing on everything and destroying everything!

I had to bribe her with tootsie rolls to try and get a picture with her and this was about as good as it was gonna get! She hates having her picture taken...unless it's her idea!

Granny and Granny Ima enjoying my pumpkin cake after dinner! I'm going to do another post either later tonight or tomorrow about it!

Me and my girl! There are so few pictures of us together because I'm usually the one taking the picture but I had Mom try and snap one of us while I was finishing getting dinner ready! It's the same thing with Mom, I need to get some of them together!

Grace didn't really like our dinner so I heated her up some enchildas my great Aunt Rosie had made! I don't think she realized I was taking her picture because I was looking at her instead of at the camera!

Mom bought Grace some new puzzles and she has wanted all of us to work them with her except we always end up doing all the work! They had been strowed (sp?) all over the living room floor so after Mom ate she was trying to pick them up and it was like pulling teeth to keep Miss Thang at the dinner table eating instead of messing them up!!
So, that's what has been going on around here! Mom is giving Grace a bath now and Granny is already in her pjs settled into her chair. I'm following behind shortly in the pj department and then I'm going to finish coloring my picture! I told Mom earlier that I was in the mood to color so after she took Granny Ima back home from getting her glasses earlier she ran into the dollar store and got me and Grace some coloring books and crayons!! I've been getting in touch my inner child!!