Saturday, October 17, 2009

Feeling Crafty

First things first....I am just now posting about our dinner Thursday night! Let me just say that it was delicious! Oh my word, we all had it over a baked potato and ate the cornbread on the side and it was just to die for!

I am telling you, that mixture with the potato and the cheese was awesome and such a good cold weather food! I'm anxious to take some leftovers home for Gene and the boys to try and see if they like it! I do know the boys won't like the beans so I'll cut them in half next time I make it.

The cake was awesome too and it really tastes like a pumpkin bread. We did decide that next time I'm going to add walnuts to it and do a cream cheese icing instead of the glaze. The glaze isn't bad, it just doesn't have much flavor. I think with the walnuts and cream cheese icing..mmmmmmm!! You could even just leave it dry and put it in loaf pans and make a bread! It's easy and yummy!

Now, of course, I have to throw a picture of Miss Thang on here! Mom, Grace and I went shopping yesterday at Target, Kirkland's and Hobby Lobby and this little one racked up big time! Which is no big surprise because she always does but ya know! Truthfully though the girl was in desperate need of some winter clothes so that's what Mom and I got her yesterday. She ended with, I think, 8 different outfits, 3 new pairs of pajamas and 5 new pairs of shoes!! I am so jealous, but you just can't beat Target's $4 dollar Circo brand pants and shirts. They are the best and fit her so good! The child is not even 3 yet but she is already wearing 4T clothes and a size 9 shoe! She is just growing too fast. Mom and I were in HEAVEN in Kirkland's because they have most of their Christmas stuff out and let me just tell you, Mom and I are HUGE Christmas people and our houses are always decorated big time for the holiday! I could have spent a lot more time and a whole lot more money in there but I just had to tell myself no! We did get a few things and we also got Granny a few prizes too!

Our last stop was Hobby Lobby because Granny had this glass vase from some flowers she was sent after her surgery. We had to throw the flowers out this week and I told Mom I wanted to do an arrangement in it for her table. So, we ventured into Hobby Lobby and found these artificial flowers to use! I had already decided I was going to slice lemons and oranges to put in the bottom. I got started on it this morning and this is how it turned out! I was very pleased with it, especially considering it's my first one to make EVER!!!

The lemons weren't a very bright yellow but they look alot better in person than in this picture! I've decided I'm going to have to get some more and make one for my house! I've been wanting a new centerpiece for our dining room table as well so now I've just gotta get to work on it! Overall, it wasn't that expensive either. She already had the vase and Hobby Lobby had their greenery and shrubs 50% off so all of them cost about $14-15 dollars and then I used two oranges that were .50 a piece and about 6 lemons that were .38 a piece. Not bad! Plus Granny was very happy with it!!
I have to work today so Grace and I will have to be leaving here in about 45 minutes to head back home up the mountain. :( I'm sad and wish we could stay but I'm also ready to get home and see my hubby and my boys! Gene is leaving tomorrow for a class at the Academy in Camden and won't be home until Thursday so I need to spend some time with him before he leaves!
The Razorbacks play the Florida Gators in the Swamp today at 2 so we'll be calling those Hogs all afternoon and rootin' for another win!!! Whooooooooo Pig Sooie!!!!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!!!