Monday, November 9, 2009

Ick...It hit our house...

The flu bug that is.
Let me start by saying my husband does NOT actually wear his hair like this! He shaves his own head and I took this picture the last time he did about a month ago. He always leaves big chunks in random places to try and make me think he's actually going to leave it like that. I know better! He's a big dork, but he's my big dork!
My crazy workaholic of a husband caught the bug last Thursday. He works construction some on his days off from the police department and last Thursday when he got home from working on a house he said he didn't feel very good. I thought it was just because he was tired and had to do manual labor instead of driving around all day! :) However, I was wrong. He didn't sleep hardly at all that night and kept sweating and then getting the chills. He finally checked his temperature and it was 102. Friday morning when he woke up it was 100, but he still went to work.
I didn't know any of this until I woke up Friday morning and saw the text message he'd sent me. He had gone to the last Greenland football game Thursday night and I was in bed before he got home so I never knew he was experiencing all of this. His first text just said that he didn't sleep because he had a fever. I then asked him why he went to work and he proceeded to type, verbatim, "To make you money." Ok, well, I can't argue with that BUT, I really am more concerned with his well being than money! So, I told him he should not have gone and he ended up home by 11.
He crashed on the couch right after he got home and Grace and I left shortly after that to meet Mom for lunch. After we ate lunch I had to make a quick run to the pd and then we picked Corey up from school early because the seniors had dubbed Friday a "skip day" so most of the students didn't even show up and none of his teachers were doing anything in class due to the absence of so many students.
On our way to get Corey Gene sent me a text that said he still had a fever and that he was freezing. I called the doctor because he had already told me he was having body aches. I knew it was the flu and I didn't want to waste anytime getting him in. It was 1:50 when I called the doctor's office and they had a 2:45 appointment so I told them we wanted that one and I told Gene. He responded by telling me that he didn't feel like driving. Oh. boy. First of all, I knew he was really sick if he didn't want to drive because he hates not driving because riding makes him sick. Second of all, I had about 30 minutes to make it down to Greenland from Springdale and then to the house to get him. I also needed to get a load of laundry started. Mom and Dad's washer died last week and the repairman hadn't made it out as of Friday and my cousins were coming to stay with them for the weekend and Mom said all of their towels were dirty! I most certainly did not mind catching up their laundry because 1) laundry mats are miserable and costly and 2) as much as my mom (and dad) have done for me (us), doing their laundry was the least I could do! There were only 3 loads, but by the time we got home it was 2:30 and I had just enough time to throw the first load in and then throw Gene into the truck (ok, not really, but you get the picture!).
Gene felt absolutely miserable. I felt so bad for him and he was shaking and couldn't get comfortable sitting out in the waiting room and his face and neck were all red. They called us back fairly quickly, but then we had to wait forever in the room for the doctor to come in. As soon as he came in and Gene told him that he'd had a fever and body aches the doc said "Well, it sounds like influenza." To which I replied, "I told ya!" Gene gave me a dirty look. Oops!
A tech came in and did "the swab." I don't know if any of you have had it, I have not, but I know it was icky to watch. They stick a little q-tip thing up your nose and Gene said it felt like she went all the way to his brain. His eyes were all watery and the girl is lucky he didn't smack her!! She was nice though. A few minutes later the nurse came in and told us that it was in fact the flu and that doc had prescribed Tamiflu. So, we were off to Walgreen's to get it filled. I brought Gene back home, checked on the laundry and turned around and went back to pick up the medicine. Gene quarantined himself upstairs in hopes of not sharing the germs.
He didn't sleep much at all Friday night either and was actually feeling a little better Saturday but had an upset stomach all day. He said he did sleep really well Saturday night and yesterday was again a little bit better, but still having stomach issues. He wasn't able to work the pd, obviously, Saturday or yesterday, but went back to work this morning and I have not spoken to him yet this morning to see how he's feeling. I know he wants to be all over it by tomorrow afternoon because he's leaving for Madison County for THREE WEEKS to hunt. Yes, three weeks. One of our other officers owns a ton of land over there and he and Gene will spend much of their time out in the woods being manly. Ha!
All of the kids have had their flu shots. I have not. So, I am really really hoping I don't get it because with him leaving town I can not afford to be sick! So far so good though. I haven't felt bad so hopefully it'll stay that way!