Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall, Fall, Fall!!!!

It has been quite busy around the Johnson household and I have finally come to terms with the fact that I'm just not as good at blogging as I used to be! It's ok though, because everything else I spend my time doing is completely worth it!

Between work, school (the kids, not me...not yet anyway!), sick kids, airport runs, baking and sleeping (some) I've just only had time to read blogs and not the time to sit down and upload pictures and actually type something out. I don't really like posting without pictures, which is another reason I don't post a whole lot. However, I've got lots of pictures to share today and even though I've not completely adjusted to the time change in some ways it's a great thing. This morning, for example, Grace and I were up by 7:30 but I didn't feel tired because it still felt like it was 8:30 to me so she and I have had lots of time today to spend together!

We've been having some issues with her sleeping habits. I'm not sure what the deal is, but for about the last month, more nights than not, she wakes up at least 2-3 times a night and tries to come downstairs and get in bed with us. Most of the time I'm able to intercept her and lay her back in her bed, but that doesn't always work. And the times that it does work she wants me to lay down with her until she goes back to sleep so each time I'm up it's usually for 20-30 minutes and sometimes for an hour. On the nights that I'm absolutely exhausted I just let her get in bed with us or I'll eventually bring her back downstairs to our room if she's taking forever to go back to sleep. Last night was a good night though and she didn't wake up until very early this morning and she came and got in bed with us. So....I haven't had just a whole lot of restful sleep lately, which is ok I guess, because it's all part of being a mommy. I just really really REALLY like my sleep!! And I don't put her back to bed just because I don't want to cuddle and sleep with her, I just don't want her to get used to sleeping with us and not in her own room. She's almost 3 and I want her to know that mommy and daddy's room is not her room! We're working through it and I'm just taking each night one at a time.

On a lighter and more fun note.....we made homemade chocolate chip cookies this morning!!! The fall/holiday season always brings out the baker in me! I just want to cook, cook, cook!! And, as previously stated, we have had lots of time this morning to bond! This was the first time she's helped me and she had a few issues listening and not adding more ingredients than we needed, but she is only 2 so what did I expect?!

They turned out great though and we've already enjoyed one!! She loved it and just kept saying "Can I help ya?" in her cute little southern drawl! My girl is most definitely from the south and I love it!

She's also a little bit ornery! I know, I know, that probably comes as a real shock...especially if you know any of our family! She is a handful though and though we have still had some struggles with the "terrible twos" we're coming through it ok and she is getting better!

We are currently watching The Santa Clause 3 for the second time so far this year! This picture was taken the first time she watched it and she just lounged back the whole time completely in awe yet again with the Clause!! I'm pretty sure she's probably going to be just like her momma and her Nana when it comes to Christmas! Mom and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas and everything that comes with it! I'm so excited about putting out our Christmas decorations that I actually asked Gene last Friday if I could put them out now and he said "NO!" Boo! Oh alright fine, I guess I'll wait! Especially considering Thanksgiving is only like 3 weeks away and that's when we put ours out!!!! Woot!

My wonderful Granny is doing absolutely beautifully recovering from her surgery!! She had an appointment with Dr. Gallaher, her surgeon, a week and a half ago and he completely released her and said that she needed to be careful but she could return to her normal activities!! He also told her he didn't want to see her again...in a good way of course!! Her appointment was here in Fayetteville so Mom went and picked her up and while she was up here we had lunch at Guido's to see Tanner and then we had to pay a visit to Kirkland's! Ummm hello?! Who else LOVES that store? Oh my, they've got their Christmas stuff out too, so as if I didn't love it enough before I really do now! Mom and I could just get stupid in that store! Ahem. Anyways, while we were in there Granny found these yummy candles and bought Mom and I one! We all got the Cafe Mocha one and it smells yuuuuuummmy! I'm burning it as I type this actually.

This would be Grace's hot chocolate face! The first time she watched The Santa Clause she had a cup of hot chocolate. 'Tis the season!

My man, who is oh so ready for his 2 week vacation that starts next Tuesday, which will be spent in the woods with Jake (his other wife! ha!) hunting! Jake and his family own a ton of land over in Madison County and there's a cabin on it that Gene and Jake will spend much of their time in and around. I took this picture of him while he was cleaning one of his guns. Notice my kitchen cabinet became a work station. I was not real happy about it, but there's not much I could do or say considering the poor thing doesn't have a garage or a shop to do it in! One of these days (when we win the lottery) he wants to build a shop to keep his motorcycle and all of his tools in. But, for now, the kitchen counter will just have to do. The sacrifices a wife makes.
Very intent. The man is obsessed with guns. And hunting. All that is on our tv when he is home is hunting. It's so bad that even now Grace asks to watching the hunting channel. Really?! Grace, honey, you're a little girl! Oh well, it could be worse I suppose.

Colt and Corey love taking pictures, especially of and with their baby sister! I find it precious! Colt started feeling bad Saturday morning and by Sunday morning had a fever of 102 degrees. Lovely. So, we quarantined him to the upstairs portion of the house and doped him up on some Motrin and Tylenol Cold & Flu. By noon it had broken and never got up above 97. That is until yesterday morning when it was up to 100. So Gene made him a doctor's appointment and I took him in to see what was up. I was really hoping it was not the flu, and considering all of the kids have had their flu shots, I was hoping even more that it was not the stinking swine flu. Luckily, it wasn't either. He has an infection in his throat and was prescribed an antibiotic! He's back to school today and was very relieved because that boy hates missing school. Seriously, I'm not being sarcastic. He really was hating not being in school yesterday. I am certainly not complaining, it beats the alternative!

Saturday afternoon Corey and Grace were playing outside and Corey was capturing some pretty cool shots! I love this one of Miss Thang, well except for the fact that it makes her looks like she's a little girl and not a baby! I can't believe she's already almost 3, and that Colt is 16 and driving and Corey will be 15 in a little over a month. If anyone figures out how to slow time down would you please be so kind as to share it with me?!? Thanks!

Have I mentioned before that I am in love with this season?! Because I so am. With all the rain we've had this year the colors have been gorgeous! It's probably the prettiest fall we've had in a while. Another one of the advantages to living in the country....being surrounded by trees. The road out to our house is beautiful to drive while the leaves are changing because you're surrounded by bright pretty colors!

It's the eye of the photographer! Corey is crazy when it comes to the camera and loves to take pictures of anything and everything. The kid can make a rock look amazing! I just don't have any talent when it comes to that, or the patience to learn! I've already told Gene that when I reach my goal weight in my weight loss journey we're going to have family pictures taken, because ya know, in 4 years we've never once had a family picture done! Sad, I know. Don't judge!
Mom, Dad and Tanner spent this past weekend in Las Vegas celebrating Tanner's 21st birthday! Mom and Dad told us that they would take us to Vegas when we turned 21 and they took me back in '06 and followed through this past weekend by taking Tanner! They had an absolute blast and I'm sure when Mom gets a chance she'll post about it with some pictures and when she does I'll be sure to link to it so you can check them out!
This will be my 5th Christmas to work at the pd and for the first time I will actually have both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off!!!!! Gene also has them both off so I decided that this year I was not going to stress myself out about making arrangements and when we would have Christmas with my family and then when we would have it with Gene's family and having to rush around to eat or do presents before having to go to work so I am taking the WHOLE week of Christmas off!! I am so very excited about finally being able to really enjoy the holiday with our families!! I love my job, but I'm telling ya, having to work just about every holiday every year gets old! So, this year we won't have to! Yay for vacations!
Alright, I think that about wraps everything up that's been happening. The highlights anyway! I know, that was a long "highlight!" Now I've got to go fold some laundry and finish getting ready for work! I'm training a rookie and this is his last week before he's completely released and I'm very ready to be done training. As much as I love it, it's also stressful, so now I'll be done for a while. Until we hire some new ones, which will be soon, because we have 2 positions open right now. So, if you know anyone who is interested in being a dispatcher, send them our way!!
Happy Tuesday everyone!!!!