Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Funny Girl

Grace Elaine Johnson has quite the imagination and quite the vocabulary! She is so funny sometimes and I wonder where she comes up with some of the stuff she says. I decided I would share with you some of her most recent funnies.

*This picture is an example of one! One day last week Gene was making breakfast and I was working on stuff around the house when he yelled at me to grab the camera because Grace wanted a picture of her and the snowman together. I was in the bedroom at the time and couldn't figure out what snowman he was referring to. When I came around the corner I saw her sitting up on the kitchen island with her arm around our snowman cookie jar! She just kept saying "Take our pitcher!" So, I obliged! (Please excuse the tub of butter sitting out!)

*Our conversation this morning while I was making myself some oatmeal for breakfast:

Grace: "Mama, what you makin'?"

Me: "I'm making me some oatmeal for breakfast."

Grace: "Can I eat your oatmeal wif you?"

Me: "Why do you want to eat my breakfast when you didn't even eat your cereal Daddy fixed you?"

Grace: "Cause I do."

Me: "Ooook, well, do you want me to fix you some oatmeal?"

Grace: "Yea, shuw!"

Me: "Ok, do you want peaches & cream, bananas & cream, blueberries & cream or strawberries & cream?"

Grace: "Bluuuuebewies!"

Me: "You are definitely your Nana's girl, aren't you?"

Grace: "Yea, I shuw am!! I am my Nana's girl! Naaaaana, Naaaana, Maaaama, Maaama!!"

Oh, the kid cracks me up!

*While I was eating my oatmeal in the recliner Grace was sitting in her little beach chair on the living room floor holding her sippy cup of milk. Her cup slipped in her hand and some of it dripped out of the lid. Our conversation:

Grace: "Uh oh, Mama, I spilled my milk aaaaalllll over da place."

Me: "It's ok, it's just a few drops, here is a rag to clean it up."

Grace: "Thanks!" (Wipes up the few drops.)

Me: "Now go put the rag in the laundry room because it's dirty."

Grace: (While wiping the rag on her shirt) "No, I wipe it off. It clean now."

Me: "No, it's still dirty, you need to go put it in the laundry room please."

Grace: "Not right now." (Throws the rag on the floor.)

Me: "Grace Elaine, go pick the rag up and put it in the laundry room right now."

Grace: "But I can't get up." (Trying to pull herself up and pretending she isn't strong enough.)

Me: "Yes you can, stand up."

Grace: "Mama, I can't get up."

Me: (Extending my hand to help her up.) "Here, ok, up ya go. Alright, now you're up, go do what I told you to do."

Grace: (While patting me on the shoulder.) "Thank you, Mama!!! You are a goooooood Mama!" (Still patting my shoulder until she bends over and picks up the rag.)

Me: "Oh, I know I am!! Now go!!!"

Grace: Giggles and runs to the laundry room.

*Yesterday Grace and I must have both been worn out because we both slept in until 10 am and that very rarely happens with her. Since that never happens and she got so much sleep she was consequently not tired last night when it came time for bed. When I got home from work at almost 10:30 she was still up, which is an hour and a half past her bedtime. Gene was only about half awake because he started back to work yesterday after being off for 3 weeks so he was not used to being up at 5:30 and working all day. So, my fault, she slep too late and was therefore staying up too late. So sue me!! ha!

I changed into my pjs and washed my face and then got Grace's teeth brushed and headed upstairs with her. First of all, she was H-Y-P-E-R!! I mean, she was running around like crazy squealing and laughing and being silly and I was worried it might take a while to get her wound down and asleep. I was right! When we got upstairs she was being goofy and kept trying to arrange all of her stuffed animals that sleep with her. Finally, she settled in and we read a Christmas book before turning the light off. The book we read is a new one I bought her Saturday and she was already saying most pages right along with me, and was even beating me to some parts! It amazes me how much her little mind absorbs!

Once the light was off she kept squirming....and squirming.....and squirming.....and squirming some more! Finally I was very stern with her and told her she had to be still and quiet and go to sleep. I knew she was very sleepy but trying her hardest not to stay still because she knew she would fall asleep. We have a night time ritual that consists of a regular kiss, an eskimo kiss, a butterfly kiss and also an ear kiss (a kiss totally made up by Grace herself where you rub ears together...silly I know, but she loves it!) before she goes to sleep. She and I had already done all four, but after a few minutes of the squirming she picked up her stuffed Santa and gave him a regular kiss, an eskimo kiss, a butterfly kiss and then an ear kiss! It was the cutest thing, because she didn't know I was watching her. She did it one more time and then laid him down beside her! She's so sweet when she wants to be!!

As hard as it is being the mother of a toddler, it is also very rewarding and I had no idea what love truly was until I had children!!! They really are a blessing from God and I'm so blessed to have three wonderful kids!!!