Saturday, December 12, 2009

I thought weekends were for rest & relaxation...

Whew! I'm exhausted. This weekend has got to be the busiest one I've had in a while, and it was even a 3-day weekend. As I've talked about before, I'm on the Springdale Police Department Benevolent Fund Committee and we do fundraisers to raise money for the police department and it helps officers' families in time of need and it also pays for our annual Christmas party and our annual Awards Banquet. We've been having weekly meetings and fundraisers since September preparing for tonight, which was the Christmas Party.

So, Thursday I went with the other girls on the committee to run errands and get stuff together and then went to Colt's band concert that night. Yesterday I went shopping with Teresa to get jewelry and shoes, got my hair cut (which is super cute by the way :)), ate lunch with 3 of my best girls, got a flat tire (my wonderful brother came to mine and Grace's rescue because Gene and Dad were both working and out of pocket), made 2 different trips to the mall, grocery shopping at Wal-Mart and then home! I told you....whew!

Corey's birthday is the 15th so we told him we would celebrate with him last night. He decided he wanted us to go out to eat then go "real bowling!" You see, we bowl alot here at home on the Wii and, truth be told, I always either win or come in second and we give Corey a hard time because he doesn't ever do very good! So, he said he wanted to go "real bowling" so he could put us to shame!!

However, Gene worked construction this week on his days off from the PD and they had to finish the job they were working on this week before they could leave last night. They ended up not finishing and leaving north Bentonville until 6:30. It's an hour drive home from there and Gene was way past exhausted, so we decided that we would just stay in instead of going out. The boys and I ran in to Blockbuster and Tim's Pizza to get movies and dinner before Gene got home!After my flat tire incident Tanner took Grace with him to Mom at school because she is spending the weekend with her Nana and Papa at Granny's house!
So, we ate yummy pizza and let Corey open his birthday presents. We rented the movie Duplicity and put it in first. We all fell asleep. I'm going to try and give it another chance, but it was pretty slow and really confusing, which was disappointing, because the previews looked cute.

We also had some delicious birthday cookie cake!! Great American Cookies has the BEST cookies in the world!! Gene felt horrible for getting home so late and not being able to take Corey out, but we told him that we'd make it up to him next weekend.

This morning I was up early again and in Springdale by 9 to get things set up for the party. We ended up only having to work on it till about 11:30, at which time I headed to Target to try and find some earrings to match my necklace and I wanted to get my nails done! I accomplished both, but the earrings ended up coming from JCPenney's instead of Target. I LOVE getting my nails done and it had been a while since I'd been able to!! I then headed home and watched the movie The Orphan with the boys before time to shower and get ready. That movie was C-R-E-E-P-Y!! Pretty good, but creepy. I loved getting dressed up in a pretty dress, heels and jewelry and posing with my honey!!! The party was a success and all went smoothly! I do have to go back to work tomorrow but I am sleeping in!!! I don't really plan on getting up until I have to get in the shower and get ready!!